This is the next podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

In this podcast we discuss one of the most prevalent errors made by strategy consultants when they analyze case studies. Consultants are pre-disposed to finding a solution, or best-practice, at a rival/peer and bringing it to the client. This happens because it is far easier to tell a client that a solution exists and it is just a question of adopting it.

Imagine telling a client that no solution exists in the market and the consultants need to create an entirely new approach to fix the client’s problem. This latter approach is a tougher sell.

This desire to find solutions in the market forces consultants to develop case studies whereby a solution is presented which is not a real solution. In this podcast, we discuss this problem in great detail using examples from both this and the market entry strategy study.

The most startling finding of the market entry study was that every single bank cited by experts as being best-in-class at serving emerging market low-income citizens actually failed. This podcast explains how to avoid this bias trap when developing strategy study case studies and why you should do this.

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