Week 1 of the financial services strategy study to enter the US retail banking sector is about done. You can see the detailed live-blogging of the day-by-day analyses, planning and insights here.

This is a real study, done for a real client with a real team of consultants led by Firmsconsulting. Once the study is done, we will post the findings and detailed guide using the map format used for the corporate strategy study.

This podcast is a wrap-up of the week. We remind readers of the strategy we followed, all the goals we set for the week, our progress against those goals and our key findings thus far. We also discuss a potential scope change and how we will handle that.

It is has been a great week and we wrap up things in New Mexico where the team is conducting more shadow studies / day-in-the-life-of studies of distribution financial intermediary in the border town of Columbus.

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