Events Shaping Consulting Leadership

Introduction to Consulting Events Shaping Consulting Leadership


In podcasts 237 and 238, I discuss a fairly muscular and risky set of strategies I used to increase my leadership standing in the firm and challenge mentors whom I believed were damaging the firm’s values. My style of interaction was developed due an early engagement in my career which directly impacted the way I managed all future interactions. I unpack this engagement and explain how it impacted me, allowing you to determine how your own early experiences are shaping your own leadership style.

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2 responses to Events Shaping Consulting Leadership

  1. Hi Tyler,

    Most corporate strategy engagements are massive organizational design studies – you cannot avoid them. I did use my own approach, but borrowed liberally from people within the firm. I think all successful partners do that, as do most junior consultants and associates.

    I will be discussing much more about this in future podcasts and posts.

    You have to take the best and adapt it to the situation at hand.

    I agree. How you respond is what matters the most and you need to keep your wits and principles about you. That is when they matter the most.

    Thanks for your comments.


  2. Did you ever get another chance to work on a big organizational design project, and if so did applying your “own” approach work for it?

    Secondly I don’t think you’ll find a consultant anywhere who hasn’t been “thrown under the bus” by a client or other consultant at some point. How we respond says a lot about our professionalism.

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