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Aspiring consultants typically struggle at this selection and arrive at the wrong strategy. When you live in a country with just one BBM office, like most countries, how do you select a 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice? How many options do you realistically have and how do you size them up? Are the UAE and Singapore your only options? This podcast addresses these issues.

The majority of clients pursuing McKinsey, Bain or BCG have just a few offices to pursue if they speak English: US, Canada, London, Singapore, Johannesburg, India, Singapore, Middle East and Australia. Visa restrictions make the US, Canada and London difficult options. India tends to be the preserve of IIM graduates. That leaves just Johannesburg, Singapore, Middle East, Singapore and Australia. Understanding these limitations and building a credible strategy is crucial.

Proving interest in an office requires much more work than merely reading the McKinsey Singapore website and speaking to 2 associates. You need to explain why you are a fit for that office, why you will stay and how you will contribute.

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