In this study the Firmsconsulting team, based in Toronto, Lagos and Johannesburg, develops a corporate strategy for a major power utility and restructures the organization to prepare for a period of rapid growth.

The study will be done in the same format as the LAB study and eventually presented in the interactive map with all videos, power-points and audio recordings. This study will be larger and more complex than the LAB study.

This study program will teach you all the planning and analytic tools to develop the corporate strategy and complete the restructuring of a multinational electricity utility company.

Registering above gives you access to exclusive – as in not published on the site – updates as we complete the study. This includes trailers, scenes, interviews and footage with the client.

Our job is literally to prevent the lights from going out.

Watch us:

Work with the client executive team
Hold discussions with regulators, labor unions and stakeholders
Develop the corporate and business unit strategies over 12 weeks
Change the organizational structure, over 24 weeks, to prepare for rapid growth in energy demand

Subscribers will learn all key skills needed by executives and strategy consultants to complete a similar study:

How to manage strategy studies
Core analytic tools
Core analytic processes
Determine what is core and non-core businesses
Modules to train new team members
Rolling out a balanced-score-card
Developing a business case
Managing an executive communication strategy
Conducting Management skills analyses
Organizational design
Developing corporate strategy
Developing business unit strategy
Preparing a divestment case

Subscribers will also learn skills unique to dynamic capital-intensive energy industries:

Economics of the energy sector
Economics of construction programs
Calculating subsidiary value destruction/creation

Subscribers to our Strategy, Operations and Implementation Executive Programs receive access to all our studies. You can read more about our motivations for doing this study here.

This study is only scheduled to begin in February 2015 so send us your comments, ideas and suggestions below. We are still working out the structure of the study so all thoughts are most welcome.

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18 responses to Electricity Utility Strategy Study: Exclusive Trailer

  1. Hi Mat,

    Thanks for the great comments. The idea of searching easily within maps and between maps and aggregating all media is something we are already working on. It will take some time to test and roll out.

    Influencing / managing-up is something worth tackling and we will be sure to include modules on this, but probably not in this study. We may include it in the general strategy library and possibly even before the power study comes out.

    Have a great day.


  2. Great point Phillip.

    Since this was the strategy design phase of the study, there is a lot of change management planning and the early stages of change management. I was impressed with the amount of planning done by the team. The implementation itself will contain much more on change management.


  3. Michael,

    I would love to see a more in-depth coverage of the people change management. How do you get the people on board with the change? How do you go about changing mind-sets? What tools and processes are most helpful?

  4. Hi Michael,

    answering the question posed in the newsletter:
    – it would be great to search this training only by looking for certain phrases
    – additional to current map format, which is very useful, to be able to gather all materials by type: videos, audio, documents

    And speaking from perspective of a consultant not from MBB, I would like to see:
    – how to influence the partner/s leading such a project, if it seems that the projects is cookie cutter/tested solution/further work securing oriented (as per Eric’s post)
    – how to manage colleagues underperforming due to different standards in hiring, capabilities etc.

    Also the idea of a final exam/test/game looks appealing.


  5. Hi Renzo,

    Thanks for the comment. This study is scheduled for release in the summer of 2015. In just a few months. It will be released soon after the LAB study.


  6. Michael,

    I haven’t heard much about this study in a few weeks – any news on the release schedule?

    thanks and I hope all is well

  7. Hi Eric,

    We may very well be working for your employer, though we cannot comment on client names as such.

    We are still structuring and staffing this study. If we need additional people we will place a notice on the site, and I thank you reminding us of that option. Most of the team will be from Canada at the end of the day, with some associates from South Africa and Nigeria.

    Thanks for the wishes.


  8. Hello Mr. Boricki,

    This is very exciting. I work for the largest utility’s in Africa so I am guessing this must somehow involve us?

    Is there some way we can be involved or assist on this even if the study begins in Nigeria first. I think this is coming at the right time. We have had consultants rotating in here since 2004 and not much has changed. We are still struggling to get things done.

    I followed the LAB study very closely and your approach seems to work better so lets hope it can work here. Good luck.


  9. Hi Jen,

    Yes, this will be our biggest study yet – even bigger than LAB which had a massive impact. It is a true test of our skills and will require a fairly massive team to deliver this. Given the size of the problem, we are doing it in phases with the strategy phase being done first followed by the implementation phase. All told, we should be focused on Africa for quite a long time.

    Which makes it interesting since our two other studies kick-off at roughly the same time in the US. So, it will be an eventful year at the very least.

    Watch this space.


  10. Wow. There’s big, and then, there’s big. Michael, this is big.
    Maybe even bigger than the Blackstone-Dangote-Carlyle billion $ energy investment.

    Every time someone says “I have this terrific e-commerce, tech, real estate etc, idea, and I’m going to take it to Lagos because Nigeria is big right now”, my response to them is sure. How will you scale without constant electricity?

    “Our job is literally to prevent the lights from going out”. If you can do this, you might as well run for President – you’ll be lifting generations out of poverty. I know I’ll vote for you.

  11. Hi Mahmoud,

    Yes, MENA is a very promising region. We are always considering a variety of studies and we have several under consideration for this region. We will shortly announce the next studies we will do.


  12. Thanks Prakash.

  13. Agreed Aylwin.

  14. Thank you, Michael. I hope you carry out new studies in the MENA region soon It’s a very promising region with a lot of potentials and prospective consulting projects in a variety of industries and business segments, especially in Egypt and GCC countries.

    Looking forward to seeing your first undertaken study in the Middle East. Thanks


  15. “it is in your hands to make a difference” – NM

  16. Michael, an awesome effort and true CSR put to pla

  17. Thanks VL,

    We are really looking forward to it. It will be great to be in Africa working on something like this and it is always great to have the strong support of this community.


  18. This project puts into perspective what it means for consultants to have an impact. I’m glad to be part of a community with these kinds of values.

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