Editor’s Notes

Succeeding as a Management Consultant Editor’s Notes


In this podcast we isolate the 5 most important and counter-intuitive lessons from the popular book.

The author was a consulting partner at two leading management consulting firms. He has worked on engagements in the USA, UK, Brazil, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Russia, France, Mexico, South Africa, Dubai and Ireland. He rose rapidly through the ranks and made partner in an accelerated time frame.

This book is based on the popular guest columns he wrote for Firmsconsulting describing his eventful journey from Pepsi into management consulting and his life as a consultant.

Although he has worked across numerous sectors and functions, the author has primarily focused on the aviation sector in this memoir: where he discusses developing the business case on an IT strategy project for an airline company, turning around a struggling Eastern European airline in preparation for an IPO, creating a new low-cost airline, benchmarking an airline’s productivity, merging two airlines, selling an airline and diversifying a European aviation firm, and more. .

Single, he spends his spare time skiing, painting, rock climbing and teaching his dog new tricks. The author holds an MBA with distinction from an elite program and dual degrees in literature and mathematical physics from the U.S. where he graduated as class valedictorian.

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