Early EVA Analyses

Strategy Training Early EVA Analyses


This is the 23rd podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

The first cut of the EVA analyses is done. In this podcast we discuss why EVA was selected as the performance metric and how it will be used.

We compare the current EVA performance and the likely EVA performance if the businesses with EI met their planned budgets and targets for the year. We discuss why we are not using the budgets, how we will adjust them and the dangers of taking this step.

The adjustments to the budgets are a pivotal step to prove our business case and should be handled very delicately or we will be accused of bias.

This podcast demonstrates why a combination of soft-skills, business judgment and rational thinking are needed in combination to convince clients to changes their minds.

Brilliant rational logic alone will alienate the client.

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