MBA programs want you to believe that joining a school like Stanford, Harvard etc in the MBA program will dramatically improve your chances of success. It will not and that is a huge myth.

Only 5% of the Harvard graduating class will join McKinsey, in a good year, and about 6% to 8% from INSEAD will join.

The reality is that those who join the McKinsey would have likely have got in irrespective of the school they attended. The school does help in some case, but rarely. Where, a school does help in a significant way is in getting you an interview. That is it.

The process of landing an interview and, to some extent, gaining the offer is not at all dependent on what you have simply accomplished in the last 6 to 12 months during your MBA. Consulting firms look at a track record of success. This podcast outlines a strategy to properly present a resume.

Being technically correct in the formatting and structure of the bullet points is not enough. Read this before spending hundreds of dollars on resume formatting. Poor content cannot be fixed quickly.

If you do not follow this advice you would have likely just spent $150K to get an interview. The worlds most expensive interview. You want the offer and getting into a good MBA program is not enough to accomplish that.

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