This is the fourth podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

To support the overall recommendations, we would need to do many analyses. The study team is very large and over 4 months they will do a lot. Yet, the study partners can be more focused.

3 critical analyses can help us determine if the corporate strategy recommendations make sense.

First, we need to determine if there is profit outside the core.

Second, we need to find a financial metric to make short-term and long-term management decisions.

Three, we need to estimate the net cost of the changes we are recommending and the ability to fund them.


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2 responses to 3 critical analyses for overall hypotheses

  1. Thanks Mat – we will see how more listeners feel and make a decision. We hope to keep posting them. Michael

  2. Michael,
    I find these podcasts very informative and insightful. Please keep posting!

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