Consulting Lifestyle Challenges

Introduction to Consulting Consulting Lifestyle Challenges


This podcast unpacks the typical lifestyle of a consultant. It touches on some elements for associates and business analysts, though delves more on the issues and challenges addressed by partners at BCG and McKinsey. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to understand how consulting lifestyle trends change one progresses further and further up the organization. This at the very least will help you decide if you want to stay all the way to partnership. This podcast is largely based on my own experiences as a partner.

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3 responses to Consulting Lifestyle Challenges

  1. Thanks Matokovic. I think you are right, but I made partner at a young age and would probably not have been as successful managing my health as an older partner. Though you should and I encourage readers to get involved in sports etc. Once you build a lifestyle without it, it is tough to break out of that rut.

  2. Michael, would you say that “managing yourself” under such high pressure involves figuring out how to stay sane and healthy as well as professionally successful by the time you take your planned exit?

  3. I agree, your views are very pragmatic and you have a very enlightened big picture view of life

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