Consulting financial analyses is not at all the same as financial modelling. This podcast explains how they fit into business cases.

Most consultants immediately jump to financial modelling in studies and most aspiring consultants want to learn financial modelling. Financial analyses is the most useful skill, though both are needed.

This podcast explains what they are, when to use them, how to use them and in what sequence to use them.

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2 responses to Consulting Financial Analyses vs. Modelling

  1. Hi Luis,

    Yes, although we are not referring to interviews in this podcast but actual consulting engagements after one becomes a consultant.


  2. I like how you specifically talk about consulting financial analysis as opposed to financial analysis in the broader sense, or even investment banking financial analysis. From a high level view, my prior work in strategic planning focused modeling topics such as calculating the ROI that supports a business case or the NPV of an acquisition target (more often used in a corporate development context).

    As you mentioned investment banking modeling training isn’t quite applicable to management consulting interviews, there are a few Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) that offer an academic foundation to the topic of strategy: Competitive Strategy (Coursera) and Advanced Competitive Strategy (Coursera).


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