This is the seventeenth podcast for the power sector corporate strategy study we will soon release as part of our Executive Program.

This podcast discusses how to communicate recommendations which are radical in nature.

If the recommendations are presented too early, they are hypotheses with little data backing them and they can be easily challenged.

If the recommendations are presented at the end, it shocks the client and there likely will be little agreement from the client.

The solution is to present early but to present them as hypotheses. That seems easy, but this podcast explains the mistakes in communication made when most consultants present complex hypotheses very early, and how to fix them.

You will learn that communication, your choice of words and the way you emphasize them can dramatically alter the way the client interprets what you are saying. In fact, the emphasis will radically alter the meaning.

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4 responses to How to communicate recommendations

  1. Than you Kieran.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Great podcast. I’m realling enjoying the balance between analysis and soft skills podcasts every week.


  3. Thanks Scott. Yes, that is true. It will be useful to case interviews as well.

  4. Hi Michael,

    Great podcast! The technique you describe for how to state a hypothesis early on in a study is also an effective way to think about building and communicating a framework in consulting case interviews. It seems like this podcast would be useful for that section of the website as well.

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