It is fair to say that being assigned to develop the case studies to help a team on the strategy study is considered a dead-end role for most consultants. An associate or analyst would much rather want to be leading the corporate strategy analyses, business case or even the business unit analyses versus studying how other companies have tackled the same problem as the client.

This podcast explains how to effectively complete case studies and the impact they should have on strategy projects. Case studies should be extremely influential on the study if done correctly.

As we relaunch and merge the into the Firmsconsulting website, we will be releasing more podcasts, videos and articles focused on high-end corporate strategy and the contents of the new Strategy Training Library (new name for the capability center).

It will be the largest and most comprehensive video and power point library of detailed studies done to the quality of McKinsey and BCG.

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  1. Thank you Nauruz.

  2. An excellent podcast with an approach that is so easy to replicate.

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