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This series of detailed podcasts provides prospective applicants to our program all the information they need to put together an application package, do well in the screening interviews, and, should they be the offered a place in the Firmsconsulting program, succeed at their McKinsey, BCG et al interviews.

Part 15

Second Application Step: OAT (Online Analysis Test)

If your resume screening is successful, you will be invited to an online test. This is purely a business judgement test. No preparation is required for the online test. The test is not assessing your ability to pass a McKinsey PST or a BCG screening exam. The online exam has no pass mark and is used as one data point to assess your candidacy. The online system assesses why you performed as you did and the final mark is not relevant nor does a high score guarantee you will be invited to the final screening interview.


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2 responses to Case Interview Test

  1. Hello Udit,

    Sorry for picking this up late. I was traveling.

    How did it go?


  2. Hi, I am from Malaysia and i have got an pre-screening invitation for 25 questions to be answered in 50 mins. I am an experienced candidate from other industry (market research for more than 5 years).

    My invitation reads “Congratulations! We would like to invite you to complete a pre-screening test with Bain & Company SE Asia. You are about to get a first-hand experience on practical Bain casework as the test is based on modified Bain cases and designed to assess your approach to problem solving (i.e. strategic thinking and deductive reasoning). The test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and we would encourage you to choose a quiet environment with good internet connectivity, where you can focus and work uninterrupted for at least 50 minutes”.

    So is it PST for sure or basic verbal and numerical reasoning test or is the OAT as describer in the audio ?.. And if its is PST then what are ways to prepare for the test (i have just 2 days to prepare) ?
    Thanks and looking forward to your answers.


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