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This series of detailed podcasts provides prospective applicants to our program all the information they need to put together an application package, do well in the screening interviews, and, should they be the offered a place in the Firmsconsulting program, succeed at their McKinsey, BCG et al interviews.

Part 18

Give our extensive screening process; we have a detailed file on clients before the program begins. The planning call sets the agenda, timetable and objectives for the next few weeks or months if needed. Very few candidates tend to work with us for less than a month and the majority are working with us for more than 6 months.

While the program is very comprehensive, our coaches do regularly offer more time and experience than in the original contract. It is important for clients to understand what is within the 12 hours of time and what is outside the 12 hours. The latter is offered at the discretion of the coach/mentor.

We introduce clients to an overview of the program, determine priority areas, discuss the feedback letter priorities only and explain how we work and the trade-offs we will be making as the training progresses. We specifically want to discuss the following major phases of the program:

Outside the 12 hours:

• Resume rewrite and cover letter rewrite process, timelines and expectations

• Updating LinkedIn and our views on professional photos

• The networking process and how we will work with clients as well as our expectations on the timelines and their commitment

• Our preferred real-time updates from clients and providing guidance in real-time while they are networking

• Developing an office and function application strategy, a pivotal step

• Advice on clothing; cut, color, suit type, shirt type, shoes, socks, hair etc. and how we would like to provide this advice

• Advice after an offer is made on negotiating, preparing for the role and guidance thereafter

Within the 12 hours:

• Only the case training, communication and PEI preparation is covered within the 12 hours and is discussed in further details below

There are always trade-offs and the client needs to guide us on their preferences. Clients will be given access to an online storage system where all session recordings are loaded, they can post and store notes and comments. This will be their private training folder.

The majority of clients use our case video library to prepare and consists of approximately 90 video solutions.

While The Consulting Offer is a much longer and more intensive version of the training, we encourage clients to subscribe and use this as base for their preparation. Clients who use both programs have the highest placement rate.


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