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This series of detailed podcasts provides prospective applicants to our program all the information they need to put together an application package, do well in the screening interviews, and, should they be the offered a place in the Firmsconsulting program, succeed at their McKinsey, BCG et al interviews.

Part 21

To understand the types of cases, clients should read the full case guide of 223 cases covered in “The Consulting Offer – Season 1”. Applicants are strongly encouraged to subscribe to The Consulting Offer to fully understand how we teach, the cases used and the results we achieve.

Foundation Sessions: case differ but objectives are usually fixed

• Session 1: All types of estimation/math cases: with markets, supply-side cases, demand-side cases, top-down cases, button-up cases and non-market cases are taught. We introduce clients to a simple 5-step approach to solve cases.

• Session 2: Brainstorming is taught via a 4-step process. This very important session teaches clients the ability to build frameworks and negates the need to memorize structures or learn generic structures: arguably the most important session in the program.

• Session 3: Interviewee-led cases are taught using basic issues trees. Clients are taught how to identify, prioritize and breakdown issues with issue trees and use them to structure case solutions.

• Session 4: We remain on interviewee-led cases with clients solving progressively tougher cases. We tend to shift to volume-based growth cases where candidates are given more complex cases to solve.

• Session 5: We remain on interviewee-led cases with clients moving to more complex market entry cases and market analyses. We teach a very flexible approach in this case which can be applied to most strategy decisions.

• Session 6: We switch to answer-first / interviewer-led / Mckinsey + Bain style cases and focus on operations cases. We teach an effective technique to build hypotheses off decision trees. After session 2, this is the most important session. All the training hereafter is done with the answer-first and interviewer-led approach.

Bespoke Sessions: cases and objectives are client dependant

• Mid-point discussion: After session six we may offer clients an opportunity to have a candid discussion about their progress and discuss how we can improve their learning and preparation.

• Mentorship with ex-McKinsey, BCG or Bain senior partners: The top 20% – 25% of all clients are awarded an ex-MBB worldwide practice leader to provide mentorship prior to their application/interview.

• Sessions 7-10: The remaining six sessions are unique to the client and their needs, and there is no generic guide. We will cover many different types of cases like strategy, BTO, marketing, investments, marginal pricing, data cases, trends analyses, hypotheses development under multiple scenarios, written tests etc. The focus will be determined by the client and office pursued. No two clients will go through the same training or use similar cases.

• Session 11 – 12: FIT is usually poorly done by most clients. From the mid-point we ask candidates to prepare for FIT interviews using an approach which forces clients to avoid memorizing answers. This is one of the significant mistakes clients make. The final two sessions are a combination of FIT and cases.


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