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This series of detailed podcasts provides prospective applicants to our program all the information they need to put together an application package, do well in the screening interviews, and, should they be the offered a place in the Firmsconsulting program, succeed at their McKinsey, BCG et al interviews.

Part 16

Third Application Step: Interview with an ex-McKinsey or BCG partner.

No preparation is required for the final screening interview and it is the most important step in the screening process. The interview consists of 2 parts.

• In part a, applicants have an open-ended opportunity to ask us questions about their profile, resume, chosen offices etc. Candidates may ask any questions they would like to. We use this part to test the candidate’s communication and reasoning skills.

• In part b, we shift to typical case questions and questions we have about the candidate. We do not expect applicants to pass the screening interview cases, and are observing their ability to break down problems and ability to be coached in the future. Candidates should not expect to have exceptional case solving skills in this interview.

Screening calls are recorded; require 60 minutes and we may conduct more than one screening call per candidate.


Training by ex-McK, BCG et al. Partners

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