This podcast explains the member changes we will soon make to the Firmsconsulting website. We are rolling out a new way to track contributions from members and reward members for their contributions and support.

This podcast elaborates on some of the changes we are planning, explains what you can do to benefit from it today, and what those benefits will be.

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6 responses to Big Changes to

  1. Thanks is good advice S Chhabra – we will aim for that.

  2. S

    Interesting changes Michael. This definitely sounds interesting. The projects in which I have worked at office – we have rolled out similar rewards system to both reward deserving people and to motivate others to participate. The only suggestion from the previous experience I have is to build the rewards model robust and to announce it on trial basis for some time period. This is because at times users behavior change significantly and the threshold levels for rewards may need to be reconsidered in that case.
    All the best for your next steps !

  3. Hi Renzon,

    At the moment you can contribute in the following ways:

    (1) Sharing material through the social media buttons
    (2) Posting interesting and relevant links with commentary in the groups
    (3) Responding to posts in the groups
    (4) Comments sections throughout the site

    We will make it very transparent as we roll out the changes.


  4. Nauruz,

    These are excellent points we will definitely look at. Some of these, we have already thought about but others are new and interesting.


  5. Michael,

    Where are these discussions occurring – the only place I have seen to have an interaction is in the comments section of the quarterlies, blog posts, or podcasts – granted those are a large number of places.

    I just want to make sure that there isn’t a discussion board or something similar that I have missed somewhere.

  6. Great developments.
    Below is what I could think of this change, and you might have thought about these already.
    – Members know where they stand in the point ranking compared to other readers. Or may be a list of top 10 contributors.
    – Members are assigned with a specific qualification based on the number of points they gained. Something like “firmsconsulting guru” etc.
    – Metrics on how points are awarded is clear to other readers.
    – Points are recalculated on at least a weekly basis (not daily). If someone writes something valuable, and gets a point on the same day, it could slightly demotivate; the post is too closely linked to points and it becomes not about helping people, but gaining points.
    – I’m reminded of an experiment where children helped collect donations for cancer sick people for free. They performed well. Then they were given a very small fee for the same work. Collected donations reduced sharply. Children could collect high donations only when their work was either free or for a reasonable fee. In no way I consider the rewards you mentioned a very small fee, in fact to the contrary, but, I think, experiment has some relevance here.
    – Small points based on the number of days you are active on the web-site?
    – Double points for answers to riddles you sometimes put on the blog (like that about top-down and bottom-up analysis and others).

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