Importance of being likeable

The Consulting Offer Importance of being likeable


The TCO III introductory video was recently released. We explained how to make the most of The Consulting Offer case interview training program, which is now in season IV and we are accepting “early bird” applications for season 5. We also discussed the detailed analytics we use to track and predict member performance.

In this podcast we dive into one important lesson from TCO III and TCO IV: how being likeable impacts your performance during case interviews.

We discuss how case interview likeability impacts whether the interviewer wants to help you. We also discuss the art of being likeable and mention candidates from The Consulting Offer whom you can use as an example. Note the important distinction here, we are not talking about how to come across as merely likeable, but how to be a truly likeable person.

If a candidate manages to come across as likeable during case interviews, and charms an interviewer to want to help him/her/them, but shortly after joining exhibits negative behaviour, this may not end well. We have seen this scenario unfolding with a number of clients, including TCO participants, who joined MBB.

We are becoming better and better at sifting out applicants who appear sincere at the application stage but have different personalities under stress or even when they are relaxed. The point is, given the up or out policy at many consulting firms this is an impediment you cannot afford. Faking your way in is not going to help in the long term.

Sitting with a McKinsey colleague at 11pm after working long hours for 3 consecutive weeks is going to lead to a situation where your true personality is going to come out. It might as well be a personality worth sharing.

Never ever assume mastery of cases is sufficient. How you conduct yourself is just as important, if not more important.

The good news, being likeable is an easy trait to obtain. Fixing your likability level is COMPLETELY in your control.

being likeable


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4 responses to Importance of being likeable

  1. You are most welcome Manmohan.

    Hope everything is well in India. The hot season is here.


  2. Very well said Michael. After spending ~9 months in corporate role, I would say this is one very important aspect of leadership quality especially when your leading a initiative without a big title or without direct reporties. In a way really important for everybody looking to progress in career consistently.

  3. Thanks Lennard.

  4. Great podcast, Michael – I think many of us need to be regularly reminded of the importance of likability and interpersonal skills.

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