Our managing partner Michael Boricki gave an interview at Accepted.com, a well known site for MBA admission.

00:02:18 – A consultant’s journey.

00:05:20 – Michael’s definition of “ethical behavior.”

00:07:06 – What makes Firmsconsulting different.

00:09:03 – The (very cool) services and application process.

00:13:53 – Case interview coaching and the secret to Firmsconsulting’s success.

00:18:39 – Free resources for the uncommitted.

00:22:20 – A strong social theme: The Emerging Fellows Program.

00:26:05 – What personal qualities make good management consultants?

00:30:25 – Advice for a recent college grad who hopes for a future at Bain or McKinsey.

00:33:22 – What a first year MBA should do (and NOT do) to prepare for a consulting job.

00:36:14 – $300,000 for a McKinsey interview: Do you need to go to HBS, Wharton or INSEAD to a top consulting job?

00:43:03 – Counterintuitive advice for aspiring consultants.

The original interview is here.

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