If you wanted to move from BCG / McKinsey to private equity, how do you make the career change?

Is joining McKinsey a viable path to private equity or does it take you further away from the goal?

How do you position your skills in consulting for a private equity interview?

Is it true that you need to be tougher for private equity?

Do due diligence studies at BCG help with private equity interviews?

Who recruits consultants for private equity roles?

How does the private equity recruiting process impact a consultants application?

If you learn financial analyses well, will it be enough for the interviews?

What type of reasons do you need for leaving consulting for private equity?

Yet, the most common question we receive from consultants at McKinsey, Bain or BCG is:

“How do I make the transition to private equity?’

We have recently helped 2 PhD and 2 MBA associates / consultants make this move into private equity in the US and London. This podcast captures 15 lessons that separate those who make the transition from those who fail. This podcast is not a beginners guide to private equity. Many blogs and websites cover those entry level topics. This podcast examines this group of four against other clients/readers who also tried to make the move. It analyzes the issues faced by these 4 clients and the actions they took, which most aspiring private equity associates fail to understand or even attempt. What did they do differently?

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2 responses to BCG / McKinsey to Private Equity: 4 Client Experiences

  1. Hi Alexandra,

    We have them in a separate section for Corporate Finance clients. We do not keep them open to general subscribers since the Corporate Finance cases are very complex and the technical skills needed are not a requirement for any of the other strategy, BTO, operations or even implementation cases.

    In other words, they merely end up unnecessarily scaring or confusing clients.


  2. Hello Michael,
    Could you by any chance load up an example of an LBO Case?
    Thank you very much!

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