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Not all BCG engagements begin via a call from the CEO or Chairman of the board. Many do, but life is not that simple. Some, unusually, begin with a call from a middle-manager who does not speak English well. What differentiates BCG, and McKinsey, from Tier-2 firms, however, is how we handle these calls, understand the deeper problems, and cascade the issues upwards until, when the time counts, we are in front of the board. Most Tier-2 firms receiving the same call would settle to try to sell the middle-manager a $100K project or simply dismiss him as unimportant. BCG uses it has an opportunity to learn.

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2 responses to BCG And Clients

  1. Hi Renzo,

    In a few weeks we will begin releasing our “Strategy Training Library” with fairly guides to conducting organizational analyses.

    I would wait for this. I cannot think of any books which explain this the way a management consultant would analyze it.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Hi,

    I have heard you mention organizational structure in a few of your podcasts – do you have any recommendations where one could turn to learn more about this important topic.

    It seems like the only book out there that covers this area is Strategy and Structure by Alfred Chandler – any other recommendations?

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