Baker + Rhodes Scholars

Where are They Now Baker + Rhodes Scholars


This podcast describes the journeys of two people and where they ended up in life.

The first is one of Harvard’s most distinguished MBA graduates ever who was not even invited to a McKinsey internship interview.

The second is a McKinsey Principal from humble beginnings who is rejected the partnership, not once, but twice.

Who they are and what they eventually achieve professionally is a lesson in perseverance, confidence and being analytic.

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4 responses to Baker + Rhodes Scholars

  1. You are most welcome Tracy.

  2. Thank you for this podcast Michael.

  3. Matokovic, this is something only partners generally will look at so I do not know of any public source which would have the means to track this. Moreover, it is not the IP produced but the IP that is exported = IP that other offices will use. Michael

  4. Michael, you mention that McKinsey offices are measured according to how much IP they produce. Is that data available somewhere?

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