Welcome to the 40th podcast on the Corporate Strategy & Transformation study and we remain in week 4.

In this podcast we explain how leadership is defined at great firms like McKinsey and BCG, and how we also manage leadership transition at FC. It will surprise you to see how different the mindset can be and that we think about these issues all the time.

The most important role of a partner is to leave the firm in a better place than when she/he joined, and to hand over a client relationship to a newer partner. The ability to maintain this cycle is critical.

If the mechanism is not there, even proud and great firms suffer during leadership changes. You want to avoid that. The cycle must be continuous.

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2 responses to Audemars Piguet & Leadership

  1. Hello Houda,

    A legacy is created not by the volume of actions you take, but by the depth of the meaning in a few actions. You, right now, have a legacy. You may not know that but you do. Share your story and your beliefs with others, if they ask. Never ever preach or moralize against others. Live your life consistently by your values and you will naturally transfer your legacy.

    If you listen to Bill Matassonni on our website, he worked with Marvin Bower and he was one of the most senior partners at both BCG and McKinsey. He will tell you that early McKinsey partners were similar to Marvin, because Marvin hired people like himself. They all had a tough life and worked their way in/up. As you live your values, you will in the same way naturally attract people like you.

    I know your background. You already have a worthy legacy. I would be very proud to follow your legacy.


  2. Hello Michael;
    I am interested in how can a newcomer cultivate such mindset of elevating those around them, when one is just starting a consulting career and does not yet have a “legacy” to hand down to promising successors and mentees.
    Thank you for a great podcast as always.

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