The concept of a Management Consulting Club is great, but the execution leaves little to be desired. Very few clubs are actually run by presidents/executive council members who know anything about consulting, or worse, care about their members.

In many cases, club leadership is seen as a chance to bolster ones resume and in other cases, get closer to consulting firms. Both rarely work, yet that does not stop the wrong people from seeking these roles.

Recently we made The Consulting Offer available to ALL students of our partner schools. We may do that for others as well. We have long standing relationships with those schools and felt they deserved free access over the duration of their interviews over the next 3 to 6 months. Many presidents went out of their way to get access into their members’ hands as quickly as possible. They know what is at stake and pushed for early access. I really look up to those presidents for working so hard to help their members.

In a major European school, we saw club leaders monopolize access and use it for their own preparation while delaying access to members. That is ridiculously selfish. Thankfully, it happened in one school but raises the issue about how students elect their club representatives for case preparation.

This podcast discusses some of the important things you, the voting student, needs to keep in mind when electing consulting club executives. I introduce and discuss the values by competency matrix and hope you can use this to vote in worthwhile leaders versus, as the Harvard Business Review calls them, narcissistic fools.

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4 responses to Are Some Consulting Club Leaders Selfish?

  1. Hello Lennard,

    This is a topic for a longer and more detailed podcasts. The one thing I would do is ban case competitions. They DO NOT help anyone get into elite firms.


  2. Hi Michael

    Thanks for the fantastic podcast. On a slightly related note, how would you go about designing a consulting club to begin with? What types of activities do you feel are most important, and how do you feel events can be designed or arranged to best improve the general business acumen of the members?

  3. Hi Tony,

    That is a good idea. In general, we are looking to have active club groups so some form of this suggestion may be activated. This is more to protect the members to ensure they are being given access. Thanks again for all your great suggestions.


  4. When contacting new clubs, can you implement a rule that at least 50% of members must be active or access is revoked (something similar to that)?

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