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In this podcast I examine my rapid progression up the ranks of the elite firms all the way from analyst to principal and then director. I offer anecdotes or my own experience and especially the mistakes I made, strategies I followed and the lessons I learned along the way. What you find is that analytic skill is very important early on, but being brilliant at analyses only gets you so far – and not very far at that. To push into the partnership ranks you need to have much more skills, especially the ability to influence others, take risks and build your peoples capabilities.

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9 responses to Analyst to Partner

  1. Hi Cherie,

    While this may seem like a reasonable inference, here is why you should not think this way. If you believe being a female does not allow you to take risks, then where does it end?

    Does it mean white females can take more risks than black females? Where do Hispanic females fit in?
    What about black males? Do they take more of less risk then white females?
    And what about the degrees of whiteness? Does an Irish white male get away with less than an English white male in the London office?

    So, you can see it gets convoluted. Here is something you need to consider. You are an Asian female, highly educated in one of the world’s most advanced economies. Yes, there will be some jerks but surely you can figure it out and make it work! It tough for males too, just not in the way you think.

    Find a way, and do your best. The worst thing that will happen is someone will call you the “B” word. You can live with that. Right?

    You have to because it will happen and you need to power through. Do not let someone’s opinion of you become your self worth.


  2. Hi Michael,
    As for the risk-taking part, do you think it applies to both females and males? I have the feeling that risks taken by females are sometimes more likely to get undesired interpretations, or to get extreme outcomes that are either more successful or more catastrophic.


  3. Great! I look forward to reading your note.



  4. Thanks Femi. Sounds like a good idea. The timing may be too soon though. We are leading the power sector study now and that is taking up most of our time.

    I will email you offline and we can agree the timings etc, and then we will post an update on the site to seek input from all the readers.


  5. Hi Michael,

    That will be awesome! and I’m happy to co-lead this. I will be in Toronto from March 7 through March 20/21 (I think we should aim for a face-to-face interview) and if you have an hour opening during that period, I can meet up anywhere in the city for the interview.

    As next steps: I will suggest that we get another FC community member to co-lead this with me, preferably a female, for emotional balance and team dynamic. I will also suggest that, we subsequently inform the FC community of this idea and ask members to share their general thoughts on how they think the interview should go (I’m assuming members will think the interview is a great idea). They will also be encouraged to share aspects of your life/career that they would like to know more about as well as to send in specific questions. All questions will be sent directly to our private email (or private inbox on FC).

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on the suggested plan.


    P.S. I totally agree with you that it is very likely that the details we are looking for are probably resident within the over 300 podcasts but I still think the case to have everything in one place, is compelling. More so, the podcasts were developed for specific purposes with your personal stories only weaved in on a needs basis. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to capture “new insights,” as you rightly observed.

  6. Hi Femi,

    I am more than happy to be interviewed, but with +300 podcasts I would want to offer some new insights.

    Just say the word and we can do it.


  7. Hi Michael,

    Since the Bill Matassoni interview, I had wanted to suggest that we interview you! More so, you had requested that we suggest interviewees. I’ve had this “feeling” that, there’s a lot about you that, if known, could represent significant learning points for the community. I had also planned, in my mind, to be the interviewer. 🙂 Of course, we would collate questions from within the community. My private thought was that we should build questions around the key transition points in your life. Specifically, the goal will be to understand the thinking behind the decisions you made and ultimately extract learnings from those. However, I was never able to bring myself to make the suggestion.

    But since I was going to continue my “ping-ponging” around the podcasts, I guess I was going to get to this podcast someday and I did today. Though I think there’s still some room for that “interview,” this is indeed a great podcast; while you spoke, I found that I was subconsciously examining my own life. It caused me to reflect on my life. Such moments of sobriety help us develop character.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Thanks Avni. I would agree:-)

  9. BEST podcast on FC, in my humble opinion.

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