For those of you who want an update on where we are in Week 0 of the US financial services study, this podcast will provide a detailed update of the final preparation as the team goes into their on-boarding with just 5 days before the start date.

Expect a few podcasts this week since I am leading the onboarding training and it is much quicker, and less rude, to prepare podcasts versus typing up updates in front of the interns.

Next week, I will shift back to more written updates with a few podcasts and videos thrown in.

Note that this study and the underlying issue of the economics of small business loans is a complex topic. It is best to read the live blog from the beginning to see how we have thought through the issue and structured the team to analyses the hypotheses.

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2 responses to America Renewed: Financial Services Study

  1. Hi Nauruz,

    We will see if this can be done. It is a good idea. For now, my advice is just to keep the browser window open and it pings each time a new entry is loaded.

    This will be hourly from Monday.

    Yes, we are very much interested in learning about Central Asia and India. Please let me know how we can take this forward.

    You are right in that the economics of the study is going to be very engaging and rich in insights. It is certainly going to be one of the most challenging studies I have ever led as a partner.


  2. Michael hi,

    Have you considered integrating an option of sending updates from the live blog to email accounts? I find myself regularly entering the web-site to check if anything new has been posted.
    A very-very engaging project. Microfinance plays a huge role in developing countries where I worked, but it’s the first time I see it being applied to a country with most developed financial markets.
    Please, let me know if the team is interested in learning about Central Asian and Indian microfinance lessons, I will try to connect them with people who worked in the field.


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