The majority of business gurus, journalists, periodicals, publications, journals, blogs, fashionistas and reality movie stars talk about the arrival of China like it is preordained by the Oracle.

It is not.

America has been here before. In fact America has been here 4 times in its history and each time the American model of government, system of capital allocation and creativity helped the country reinvent itself.

In the next 18 months, Firmsconsulting will be leading 5 sweeping studies, at real clients, to find solutions to issues which impede US productivity growth. The detailed findings and extensive training videos to help you replicate such a study will be released once the studies are done.

We will be bold and analyze some of the most vital and controversial issues including healthcare, immigration and the role of government.

This podcast discusses the theme, training material and topic in more detail. Welcome to the era of America Renewed.

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