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This detailed podcast, by the engagement partner, discusses a striking reality of most engagements: a problem is never what it appears to be at first. In this Succeeding as a Management Consulting book, the engagement begins as a broad study of the agricultural sector in Canada and the economics of various business models. The study quickly focuses on the physical retail operations as this appears to be the main opportunity to fix this organizations decline.

This book outlines a detailed approach to develop a new strategy for a $13B revenue Agribusiness conglomerate which farms, processes and sells its produce through its own retail network. The client had used a Co-op structure for the last 100 years but had recently seen eroding market share as the internet allowed many US competitors to enter the market by delivering directly to consumers.

The relationship model between the store and farmers was also being hurt via better internet information easily available to consumers, thereby reducing the need to visit stores for information.

Attempts to reverse the same-store sales decline over a 3 year period had failed and the Co-op structure was being debated. Management consultants were called in at this stage. This book is particularly focused on developing a marketing and sales strategy for the retail outlets, and meticulously analysing and valuing the lifetime value of the target agriculture consumer markets.

Key product categories like tractors, farming equipment, manure etc are also analyzed for their sales and competitiveness profiles. The core of this book is explaining how a company which had traditionally seen products as its competitive advantage adjust to a world where understanding and managing consumers would need to be its major focus.

Dealing with a resistant board, layers of management and unprepared employees are vital challenges tackled in this book.

The 298 page book is supported by excel, word, power point, video, audio files, and access to the discussion forum. + 300 supporting document. All documents may be downloaded and edited.

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