If you read forums worldwide everyone is obsessed with cracking the case. Yet, most people cannot communicate like a consultant. We hope by reading this post, candidates spend an equal, if not more, time focusing on their communication skills as well. If you cannot speak like a consultant, you cannot be a consultant.

In fact, during our screening interviews, the most important metric we use is whether or not you sound and speak like a BCG consultant. If you do, that makes things much easier for us and yourself.

If you believe communication is overrated, ask yourself this: if you are brilliant at cases, how will the McKinsey interviewer know that unless you can communicate that skill?

That is why communication counts. It is the only avenue available to demonstrate all the attributes required by McKinsey.

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2 responses to Advice on speaking like a consultant

  1. Hi Nam,

    I do not think reading books is a good way to learn an applied skill. Best to begin communicating in different situation and see what works and what does not. It is a trial and error process.

    A little like driving, the best book will not make you the best driver.


  2. Excellent podcast, Michael. Any good book for effective communication?

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