This podcast looks at the profile of an older MBA candidate who has extensive oil and gas expertise. We offer some counter-intuitive advice to this candidate for their career and planning. While we use an oil and gas profile, this advice is relevant to any experienced hire and we caution candidates to think very carefully about the quality of their backgrounds when applying this advice to their own needs. The quality is what matters – not the time spent in a sector.

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2 responses to Advice for Deeply Experienced Candidates

  1. Abdullah,

    You need to check this because McKinsey is becoming so large and fragmented it is hard to know what the titles mean, but I do not believe you are a generalist in the energy insights team and therefore are not on a path to partnership at McKinsey. So think about this very carefully.


  2. Thanks Michael, I’m in a very similar situation to this candidate (minus the MBA but with ~10 years O&G supermajor commercial experience) and headed into a McK interview next week. Valuable insights here not just about applying but also about my career.

    A question – I have applied for the Energy Insights team and they are offering a specialist role which is pitched at approximately the associate/senior associate level. I would have to work my way up to EM or higher level. Would you recommend this?

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