The problem with advice for female management consultants is that most of that advice is centered on telling females consultants they need to change to fit into consulting firms. That is bad advice, because you can never be happy if you change into something you are not. In the short-term, you may need to compromise, but you should always, always be trying to get the organization to adjust and accept you for who you are. That is essential.

We also prepare female clients for what to expect. But we do something very different as well. We teach them how to keep their “sharp edges” and especially prepare them for how a consulting organization reacts to such a woman. We want them to be themselves, teach them the trade-offs and show them how to handle the stress which follows.

The world needs all types of leaders and we remain absolutely committed to this. In 2013 we launched “The Women Premium” theme and continue to invest in developing outstanding female consulting leaders.

I will stress this again. No matter how humble or soft-spoken you may be, your style of leadership can work, provided you can learn how to deploy it at an organization.

To be a successful woman, you can have it all and you do not need to be a man.

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