10-step TCO Guide

The Consulting Offer 10-step TCO Guide


Let’s assume you have subscribed to TCO 1 & 2 and not sure where to begin. It can be overwhelming since there are solutions to over 250 cases. In this video I am going to show you how to use the material using a 10 step guide.

Here are the 10-steps which I explain in the video above.

Get ready
1 – Read the “Userguide” and “Useful articles” in Season 1
2 – Complete the first 9 quizzes to benchmark yourself

Core Skills – Season 1
3 – Felix sessions 1 to 4 to edit your resume.
4 – Session 5, 6 and 7 to learn estimations, brainstorming and basic case structuring for BCG. Complete quizzes.
5 – Sessions 12 and 13 which introduce slightly tougher cases. Complete quizzes.
6 – Sessions 17 and 23 which introduce very difficult cases. Complete quizzes.
7 – Ensure you watch every single exhibit analyses, hypothesis drill, estimation, brainstorming and articles analyses case for every candidate. These are foundation skills you must have.
8- Complete all the remaining quizzes

Advanced Skills – Season 2
9 – Watch all the networking, PEI and communication episodes from Season 2
10 – Watch all the case sessions from Season 2, led by Kevin P. Coyne, the former McKinsey worldwide strategy practice co-leader.

If you do more, you will be better of course, but this is the minimum effort you should put in. You are guaranteed to do well if you carefully follow this process.

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2 responses to 10-step TCO Guide

  1. Hi Yasmin,

    At least 6, 7 and 8 are prerequisites since they teach core skills. Session 6 is arguably the most important session.

    I can understand the need to rush, but honestly, follow the process!


  2. Can session 11/season 1 on Complex estimations be done directly after session 5 estimation? Or are sessions 6-8 prerequisites for Session 11?

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