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    The critical differences between TCO I, II, III and IV. Previewing the advanced real-time analytics we use to track members and guide clients.

    Video Length: 28 min.
  • 1. Session #1: Simple Estimation and Brainstorming Cases

    Learning how to solve simple estimation and brainstorming cases, and how to handle controversial or sensitive subjects in a case.

    Video Length: 63 min.
  • 1.2. Session 1 Solution

    Ashley Madison estimation case.

    Video Length: 11 min.
  • 2. Session #2: Cases Involving Commodity Products

    Introducing the two most important "curves" to solve cases: marginal cost curve and break-even curve/cost-volume-profit curve. Learning to solve a profitability case, which is very common in interviews, especially in the first round. Learning how to prioritize issues for analysis in a full case.

    Video Length: 90 min.
  • 2.2. Session 2 Solution

    Honey company case. How to short-cut cases to develop a viable approach and a quicker solution vs. the usual approach people tend to take.

    Video Length: 24 min.
  • 3. Session #3: Market Entry

    This session focuses on market entry cases, which are common in both the 1st round and 2nd round. We introduce a much-improved, and deeply insightful, new technique to solve market entry cases.

    Video Length: 93 min.
  • 3.2. Session 3 Solution

    Tobacco company trying to enter the US market.

    Video Length: 11 min.
  • 4. Session #4: Preparing for FIT Interview

    Editing the essay and resume. Practicing FIT/PEI questions. Learning to communicate effectively.

    Video Length: 93 min.
  • 5. Session #5: ROI case

    Learning how to solve ROI cases using a cost volume profit curve/breakeven analysis. The key aspects to consider. Learning to use the cost volume profit curve/breakeven analysis to analyze business problems encountered in everyday life.

    Video Length: 92 min.
  • 5.2. Session 5 Solution

    Elon Musk case.

    Video Length: 8 min.
  • 6. Session #6: Networking with Consulting Partners

    What you should never say to partners during networking. Deducing information from a partner’s behaviour. Networking with female partners.

    Video Length: 23 min.
  • 7. Session #7: Verizon churn case

    The client is Verizon. They are experiencing significant churn. Figure out a way to help Verizon reduce churn. How would you proceed? Note, the objective is not necessarily to raise profits but to reduce churn.

    Video Length: 78 min.
  • 7.2. Session 7 Solution

    The Verizon churn case.

    Video Length: 32 min.
  • 8. Session #8: Solving Data Cases

    Solving a Swiss pharmaceutical company case. Learning to handle cases with multiple exhibits.

    Video Length: 70 min.
  • 8.2. Session 8 Solution

    Swiss pharmaceutical company case.

    Video Length: 19 min.
  • 9. Session #9: Analyzing Business Models

    Solving a start-up expansion case. Learning how to analyze various business models using the cost volume profit/break even curve. Critical shortcut for interviews.

    Video Length: 72 min.
  • 9.2. Session 9 Solution

    A start-up expansion case.

    Video Length: 13 min.
  • 10. Session #10: Inference Cases

    Learning to solve inference cases: final round cases with very senior partners where no frameworks can be used. London elite law firm case. Evaluating a business opportunity using the cost volume profit/break even curve.

    Video Length: 94 min.
  • 10.2. Session 10 Solution

    London elite law firm case.

    Video Length: 13 min.
  • 11. Session #11: Inference Cases and Drills

    Helping Caterpillar evaluate a response to a fierce new Chinese entrant. Learning to structure cases by using drills: true test of structuring abilities.

    Video Length: 62 min.
  • 11.2. Session 11 Solution 1

    Caterpillar's earth moving equipment case.

    Video Length: 16 min.
  • 11.3. Session 11 Solution 2


    Video Length: 17 min.
  • 12. Session #12: Market Entry Defense Case

    Russian defense company market entry case. Navigating Business to Government (B2G) cases. Complex estimation and reasoning skills.

    Video Length: 63 min.
  • 12.2. Session 12 Solution 1

    Russian defence company case.

    Video Length: 11 min.
  • 12.3. Session 12 Solution 2

    Talk a CEO through a trend in big data.

    Video Length: 3 min.
  • 13. Session #13: Monopoly & Social Media Economics

    Helping a PE firm evaluate investing in a social network. Evaluating how value is created/destroyed by a social network. Understanding the economics of monopolies.

    Video Length: 96 min.
  • 13.2. Session 13 Solution 1

    Economics of monopolies case.

    Video Length: 20 min.
  • 13.3. Session 13 Solution 2

    Drill questions.

    Video Length: 9 min.
  • 14. Session #14: Oaxaca Investment Case

    Discussing operations cases. Preparing for the McKinsey PST. What should you be aware of? What the PST is really testing? Why most people fail the PST? Mexican government port investment case, a case about the role/strategy of government. Overview of the fundamental principles to keep in mind for cases when government is involved (including when the government is your client).

    Video Length: 77 min.
  • 14.2. Session 14 Solution

    Mexican government port investment case.

    Video Length: 19 min.
  • 15. Session #15: Preparing for Behavioral Interview

    Preparing for behavioral interviews / PEI. Developing answers to the likely questions that likely will come up during behavioral interviews. Learning how to structure answers for PEI.

    Video Length: 95 min.
  • 15.2. Session 15 Solution

    FIT questions.

    Video Length: 8 min.
  • 16. Session #16: China Pharma Case – Elimination Round

    Elimination round: Healthcare reform in China case. Discussing the communications approach during case interviews.

    Video Length: 82 min.
  • 16.2. Session 16 Solution

    Healthcare reform in China data case.

    Video Length: 14 min.
  • 17. Elimination Round Decision

    Elimination round: why we kept Jen in the program.

    Video Length: 12 min.
  • 18. Session #17: Detroit Schools Case

    Advising the US Secretary of Education. FIT/PEI questions. Facebook social case: investing $100M to increase Detroit’s inner high-schools’ graduation rate.

    Video Length: 63 min.
  • 18.2. Session 17 Solution

    Detroit schools case. A case with a strong social component and where traditional analyses fail.

    Video Length: 12 min.
  • 19. Session #18: NYPD Productivity Case

    FIT/PEI questions. Managing multiple career path options. New York Police Department case where we are measuring the return on a social endeavor. Understanding government productivity.

    Video Length: 64 min.
  • 19.2. Session 18 Solution

    NYPD productivity case.

    Video Length: 12 min.
  • 20. Session #19: Mavis Henderson Minimum Wage Case

    FIT/PEI interview preparation. Mavis Henderson wants to raise the minimum wage of her staff and pay the same salary to everyone. Critically analyzing polarizing social issues.

    Video Length: 83 min.
  • 20.2. Session 19 Solution

    Mavis Henderson minimum wage case.

    Video Length: 17 min.
  • 21. Session #20: 3 Rules

    Feedback from a trial interview with Jen's BCG buddy. 3 rules that determine whether or not you get an offer.

    Video Length: 51 min.
  • 22. Session #21: VietTire Answer First

    Deregulation of a Vietnamese Tire Manufacturer case. Handling complex cases involving trade issues. Cases where the objective function are not clear.

    Video Length: 72 min.
  • 22.2. Session 21 Solution

    Vietnamese tire manufacturer case.

    Video Length: 15 min.
  • 23. Session #22: Day Before McKinsey PST and Group Case

    How to approach group case interviews. What are the specific things firms are looking for during group case interviews. Effective strategies to stand out in a group case.

    Video Length: 29 min.
  • 24. Session #23: Data Banking Case & Interview Feedback

    What the firm is looking for in candidates and why? Preparing to answer “Why firm x?” Government financing of small businesses case. How to approach private equity cases.

    Video Length: 69 min.
  • 24.2. Session 23 Solution

    Data banking case.

    Video Length: 10 min.
  • 25. Session #24: A Turnaround Case

    A turnaround retail bank case. Learning how to handle turnaround cases and the timing of recommendations in a case solution.

    Video Length: 58 min.
  • 25.2. Session 24 Solution

    A turnaround case.

    Video Length: 13 min.
  • 26. Session #25: Complex Estimation Case

    Asian female lead movie revenue estimation case. Learning how to solve complex estimation cases and eliminate unimportant details.

    Video Length: 42 min.
  • 26.2. Session 25 Solution

    Asian female-lead movie revenue estimation case.

    Video Length: 7 min.
  • 27. Session #26: R1 Interview Feedback

    R1 interview feedback. Analyzing the R1 interview, preparing for the upcoming BCG interview and deciding on the next steps for Jen.

    Video Length: 33 min.
  • 28. Session #27: Preparing for Final BCG Round

    Preparing for the final BCG round. How to structure BCG written case answers. How should the power point slides look. How to determine risks for a recommendation.

    Video Length: 66 min.
  • 29. Session #28: Advice to TCO Subscribers

    Advice to TCO subscribers. What Jen could do better, though she still received an offer. What would she have done differently. How engaging Firmsconsulting brought benefits beyond just getting an offer. Why female PhDs do so well in TCO.

    Video Length: 57 min.
  • 29. Session #29: Open Letter

    Jen's personal advice to TCO subscribers where she discusses what did and did not work for her based on all the advice she received from colleagues, friends and consultants.

    Video Length: 31 min.

You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

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You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

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