You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

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  • 1. Curriculum for 1st 90 Days

    The training philosophy is explained with the rationale for the 19 session topics chosen and how they will be adpated for both Henri and the audiences' needs.

    Video Length: 18 min.
  • 2. Critical Skills Framework

    The five areas new consultants must master are discussed along with the reason so many new consultants never excel in their first few engagements.

    Video Length: 12 min.
  • 3. Work of new consultants

    Two frameworks explain the work of new consultants and the quantity/quality of guidance they should expect from the manager/associate/partner on an engagement.

    Video Length: 61 min.
  • 4. Culture & Strategy Approach, Part 1

    We discuss mistakes made by a real McKinsey new associate, a client, BCG/McKinsey's cultures and begin teaching the core strategy approach.

    Video Length: 56 min.
  • 5. Culture & Strategy Approach, Part 2

    Every single strategy/operations engagement follows the same analytic logic, though the analyses and output will differ, which is explained in this crucial video.

    Video Length: 40 min.
  • 6. Expectations Mismatch

    Two frameworks are presented to explain how Henri will be managed on his first engagement and the incorrect expecations of most new consultants.

    Video Length: 47 min.
  • 7. Setting Expectations & Feedback

    Tools and frameworks to set clear expecations are discussed along with the real meaning of performance feedback given to new consultants throughout the engagement.

    Video Length: 94 min.
  • 8. Core Analysis Approach

    Henri is taught how to independently move from the problem statement all the way to his analyses workplan and 3rd order insights demonstrated via his storyboard.

    Video Length: 73 min.
  • 9. Perfect Storyboards & Insights

    We dig deeper into storyboards, teaching Henri how to build them step-by-step and edit them to deliver a message that makes the client to act on a recommendation.

    Video Length: 73 min.
  • 10. Managing Clients

    Henri is taught the rules and techniques to convert new, or even hostile, clients into allies who will trust and support him over the duration of the engagement.

    Video Length: 79 min.
  • 11. Significant Power Point Errors

    We discuss the 5 most common errors, in power point, that significantly reduces the productivity of the engagement team and hurts the firm in the long term.

    Video Length: 75 min.
  • 12. Burden of Proof, Client 1st & Answer 1st

    Three crucial concepts are explained: Burden of proof principle, applying the answer-first rule in real engagements and how to place the needs of a client first.

    Video Length: 50 min.
  • 13. Communicating with Partners

    Henri is taught how to strategically write emails, use voicemails, manage updates and manage meetings with a partner such that he improves his standing on the team.

    Video Length: 58 min.
  • 14. Perfection, Getting Help & Validation

    A guide is presented to ensure the best engagement recommendations are developed expeditiously, as well as how to ask for help correctly and validate work.

    Video Length: 65 min.
  • 15. Prioritizing

    Critical path thinking is taught to help Henri further understand how he should prioritize his work load and know when to move on to the next piece of analysis.

    Video Length: 48 min.
  • 16. Operations Approach

    We discuss the underlying, and counter-intutitive, logic which sits behind every single operations sstudy done at McKinsey and BCG, irrespective of the client issue.

    Video Length: 25 min.
  • 17. Recap of Key Insights

    Mere days before he joins the firm, we recap the most important concepts, insights and lessons from the previous 13 sessions and offer Henri our final advice.

    Video Length: 28 min.
  • 18. T -1 Day to Start

    One day before he begins, we review the strategy Henri must follow if he is to have a successful first study, and present some additional insights he should know.

    Video Length: 30 min.
  • 19. 3 Days In

    3 days into his first study, we discuss his work, staying in formation and the importance of sticking to a strategy versus being the best excel jockey.

    Video Length: 10 min.
  • 20. 2 Weeks In & Boiling the Ocean

    2 weeks into the study we discuss how to design an analysis to arrive at the best possible answer using the least amount of time and resources.

    Video Length: 32 min.
  • 21. Managing Mid-Point Feedback

    At the mid-point, roughly 6 weeks in, we discuss what Henri would need to do to ensure he is made a full-time offer to join the firm in 2016.

    Video Length: 45 min.
  • 22. Henri Receives an Offer!

    Henri receives a full-time offer: we discuss the program, his experiences, lessons for viewers, things he could have done better and his insights about the entire experience.

    Video Length: 40 min.

You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

Start Here

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You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

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