How is this different from other case interview training?

Partners run the final round interviews and partner make the decision on extending an offer. TCO is the only case interview program in the world run by former partners. You can watch them training real applicants to join the most elite firms.

How does payment and access work?

Membership to The Consulting Offer operates just like Netflix. As long as you are a paid subscriber to the appropriate membership level, you will receive access to all completed seasons and all episodes within those seasons. Which makes this the world’s largest program for case interviews – and the world’s most successful program since we have always placed at least 1 participant in each season!

Between Season 1, 2 & 3 there are over 400 hours of case training material, over 300 cases and their video solutions and, of course, all of it is done by former senior partners of McKinsey, BCG et al. Seasons 4 and 5 have been recorded and will be released. Season 6 is in production.

Once you make payment, you will receive immediate access and taken to your online account center to manage your subscription, credit card details and address. You will, of course, have immediate access to all the online material.

What is the difference between Season 1, Season 2, Season 3 and Season 4?

First, this is the most comprehensive case preparation program in the world. It will prepare you for everything you will face in the case interview and it is done by former senior partners.

Season 1 is for beginners or less experienced candidates who want to learn everything needed to pass case interviews. It is not easier, but takes more time to explain the basics.

The season goes into extensive details on the fundamentals of hypotheses, brainstorming/frameworks, decision tree analyses, math problems and slowly builds into very complex cases from sessions 15 to 23. The format was also different. In Season 1 we had 4 candidates and eliminated them gradually until we worked with the successful candidate, Felix who is now in consulting and doing quite well – we are still continuing to work with Felix so expect more recordings from her. All the recording was done over the internet.

There is 16 hours of footage dedicated to just editing resumes in season 1 and about 5 hours dedicated to reading graphs and exhibits in cases.

Season 2 is very different and focused on how to interact with partners in the final round – the people who make the hiring decision. It is a live production filmed on location where Kevin P. Coyne, former McKinsey Director & Worldwide Strategy Practice Co-Leader spends time mentoring and preparing 2 candidates. Season 2 cases are tougher and typical to McKinsey, BCG and Bain in the final round. Kevin does inference-based cases where merely producing a case structure usually will not work . The season includes episodes on closed-list dinners, group cases, networking and complex strategy cases.

Subscribers will struggle to handle the cases in Season 2, given their difficulty, unless they have watched Season 1.

In Season 2 we revealed the full identities of the candidates and their successes in the program. Alice received offers from McKinsey and BCG 31 days after the program ended.

Season 3 focuses heavily on the final round and partners who make the hiring decision. We focus almost exclusively on very complex cases requiring strong judgement and a deep understanding of profitability / break-even curve analyses / cost-volume-profit curves. Season 3, like the other seasons, does not repeat cases and concepts. We teach new material and focus on applicants who have a strong foundation in their preparation but need to show insights a partner would expect.

Season 4 focuses almost entirely on experienced professionals currently working in globally recognized companies. Only one participant is an MBA student. The training, focus, needs and skills sets are significant different for experienced hires. The program also runs much longer since experienced hires usually recruit off-cycle and need not rush to meet the Sept/Oct deadline for applications.

Like Season 2, we reveal the full identities of the candidates in Seasons 3 and 4.

How soon after payment will I receive access to The Consulting Offer?

You will receive immediate access.

How do I cancel/upgrade my monthly membership?

You may cancel/upgrade your membership from the online center. Note, that any special prices you may have received will be lost if you cancel and resubscribe.

What is the billing and refund policy?


Please review our terms for the very latest billing and refund policies.

May I access my account from multiple devices?

You may access your account from multiple devices. The website is responsive and adjusts itself for smaller screen sizes like smartphones or tablets. However, we use IP tracking and geographical triangulation to flag accounts simultaneously accessed from outside a single office block or accounts accessed from multiple and unrelated IP addressed. These accounts are automatically blocked and membership is suspended.

If your account is locked for sharing usernames and passwords, trying to download material or trying to bypass our firewall, no refund is offered. A 3rd party provider manages this process and we rely on their best judgement. We do not need to provide any substantiation to block an account.

Our clients expect us to protect the quality of the community and we take extensive steps to create a safe environment.

Member levels eligible to use our App, will be able to soon watch listen to mobile-episodes on the App.

What does the subscription give me access to?

Subscribers receive access to all material in The Consulting Offer: 1 and 3. Season 2 is only available in Premium.

What happens if I have a question about the content or material?

We try to answer every email from readers but given the size of the Firmsconsulting subscriber base we are highly selective in our responses due to the sheer volume of requests received. This program is meant to be self-explanatory and subscribers should expect to use the material to find the solutions. If you do have a question, we would recommend doing the following:

• Read the material carefully to find the answers to their questions. There is substantial material online and it is responsibility of the subscriber to allocate sufficient time to review the information and plan their studies.

• A second option is to create forum study groups and share solutions online, either in private or public groups, by taking photos of case solutions, recording videos or recording podcasts – leverage the wisdom of the Firmsconsulting community!

If we elect to respond to a question, it will be done on the following basis:

• The question must be unique,

• The question must be public so everyone benefits.

• The question is written with the appropriate context allowing us to understand the question without having to contact the member,

• The member asking the question has maintained a respectful presence and contributed to the website,

• And the answer cannot be deduced / inferred from the material.

We are unable to respond to every request, even to explain where the answer may be located, and will only consider questions in an open / non-private forum / feed. Privately emailed questions about the program will not receive a response because we would prefer the answer benefit everyone.

Under no circumstances will we respond to members with incomplete profiles. This applies to our podcasts as well.

Can I download the material to help me prepare?

You may assume that all videos, podcasts, excel files, written solutions and quizzes may only be accessed online and cannot be downloaded. Members attempting to download any material will have their accounts suspended and possibly cancelled.

Only FC Insiders have the ability to download material. Keep in mind that as a subscription service we do not transfer ownership to you when you download content, since material can only be downloaded via our App.

Can I print the material?

You may assume that all videos, podcasts, excel files, written solutions and quizzes can only be accessed online and cannot be printed.