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New [431 SLIDES] – Corporate Training Center of Excellence (Update 2)

We have just released the second update (90 SLIDES) for the Corporate Training Center of Excellence in the Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level (overall 431 SLIDES).


Why is this CoE different and important?

Corporate employees who work alongside elite management consultants need to ramp up their skills to the level of the best consultants, but they typically only receive a day to a week, at most, of training. And it’s not even full-time training. So, the training must be distilled into what is truly necessary for someone who does not have a consultant’s background. They do not have the luxury of learning the skills over the years.

This CoE, which we will continue to update, teaches only those primary critical skills that corporate employees must learn. It is designed to be studied over a week at most. This is a crucial difference versus consultants who learn over the years and receive feedback from partners. This is a CoE where you work alone with no guidance. It was a highly requested CoE and is based on the actual programs we teach corporate employees who need to operate at the level of elite consultants.


Corporate professionals need and want to learn the skills from the management consulting profession to excel in their careers. As management consultants, we adhere to rigorous standards due to the expectations set by our clients. In a corporate environment, whether you are part of an internal strategy unit or simply aspire to acquire top-tier management consulting skills, there are specific, impactful skills that we can teach.

In this section, we will explore the essential skills needed for someone in a corporate setting to effectively collaborate with consultants and to perform consulting tasks independently, whether consultants are present or not. We aim to equip corporate employees with a curated selection of the most effective management consulting skills, enabling them to operate at a consultant’s level.

For those interested in a deeper dive into management consulting skills, strategy, and more, we invite you to explore the Strategy Control Room (Advanced) and Insider or Legacy membership within StrategyTraining.com.

This CoE is guided by the Pareto Principle, focusing on the 20% of skills that can generate 80% of the impact. Based on our experience of working with professionals around the world, we understand the skills they need to advance their careers. This method ensures we teach only the most essential skills needed in the corporate world, omitting those that are less relevant to non-consultants who wish to perform at a high level.

We have reviewed all our client programs to extract tailored training programs for corporate employees. These are now available in the new section on SCR (A), where you will find skills that, when applied consistently, lead to significant outcomes. A prime example is our meeting management techniques from The Leadership Handbook—a simple skill that, when executed well, yields formidable results.

If you believe there are specific skills from the consulting world that your company should be teaching, please contact us at [email protected]. We possess the world’s largest non-public, deeply curated library of management consulting tools, techniques, methodologies, books, and proposals that we assembled over decades. These resources are useful not only for management consulting but also for teaching how to be an effective, results-oriented leader within the corporate world. Whether you are in the industry or management consulting, the ability to pitch and manage complex assignments remains crucial. We encourage you to leverage these skills to enhance your professional capabilities.


1. Log in to The Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level, membership area.
2. See the “CENTER OF EXCELLENCE” dropdown.
3. Select “Corporate Training (431 SLIDES).”

4. The Corporate Training Center of Excellence consists of 5 parts for the first and second updates.

If you are The Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level, member, here is the direct link to these particular updates (431 SLIDES).

If you joined an Advanced Level of the Strategy Control Room today, you would find the most powerful strategy, problem-solving, consulting, and results-oriented leadership reading library in the world. The resources include:

  • Michael’s explanation slides for selected programs on StrategyTraining.com
  • 10 full engagements
  • Change Management Influence & Persuasion Center of Excellence
  • Detailed Business Case Methodology Center of Excellence
  • Encyclopedia of Strategy Analyses Center of Excellence
  • Corporate Training Center of Excellence
  • One-Week Immersion: Consulting Onboarding / Consulting Mastery Center of Excellence
  • 31 proposals
  • Flipcharts
  • Layout guides
  • 17 strategy and problem-solving books which we do not make available anywhere else
  • 2 brand new strategy and problem-solving books just released and not available anywhere else
  • 11 book drafts never before available and not available anywhere else
  • Case interview materials for Felix, Rafik, Samantha, and Sanjeev, case interview exhibits, case interview solutions
  • The evolution of corporate strategy
  • The business case toolkit
  • Implementation and operation toolkit
  • Corporate strategy toolkit
  • Strategy maps
  • And more

Enroll as a Strategy Control Room Member

And if you are not yet an Insider or Legacy member and want to gain access to video and audio advanced programs on StrategyTraining.com we invite you to explore membership options (scroll down). Take this opportunity to invest in yourself and your future. StrategyTraining.com resources can be transformative, but it’s up to you to take action. Remember, my team and I are here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Take care,

Kris Safarova

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