Corporate Strategy and Transformation Study Training: Exclusive Preview

Restructuring a significant national power utility to begin building power stations and prevent rolling blackouts.


This 60 minute video below, built off 32 slides, is a detailed overview of the new Corporate Strategy and Transformation training program we will soon release in our Executive Program.

We show you every single step taken, from the core-non core analysis all the way to the meeting notes with executives and our analysis of them, to lead this large diversified company through a change to every single part of its business. This study shows you what happens when a company needs to alter its business strategy when its core market is swept away.

In effect, a turnaround is what we are executing in this training program.

This is the largest and most complex training study program we have yet developed. It is ideal for consultants/executives working at/for multinationals. It teaches all the practical steps a consultant/executive would need to independently develop the corporate strategy, valuation analysis, business unit strategy, organizational design, communication strategy, balanced scorecard and management skills analysis.

If you want additional information about this study, remember that we live podcast this study through an exclusive iTunes channel. You can hear about every problem we faced and how we adapted on a day-by-day basis.

This study contains ~680 videos, ~680 powerpoint files and ~3000 slides.

You may subscribe here to gain unlimited access to this study, the Corporate Strategy Merger Study, the US Market Entry Strategy Study and the Strategy Analyses Library.

Learn strategy anytime, anywhere, on any device and at your own pace with over 1,300 videos!

You can watch the trailer for this study below.

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