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New [38 SLIDES] – Corporate Strategy Refresh for Large Industrial Group (Executive Update 1)

We have just released the first executive update (38 SLIDES) for the Corporate Strategy Refresh for Large Industrial Group in the Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level.


The Corporate Strategy Refresh for Large Industrial Group consists of 4 Executive Steering group presentations. For the first update, we are covering such areas as:

– engagement deliverables and scope
– engagement design
– client team onboarding planning
– the tried and tested process to ensure the attainment of engagement deliverables within the timeframe
– value chain pro forma activity plan
– the engagement team structure
– planned updates to ensure the Executive Steering Committee is kept abreast of developments
– the framework to determine Company 1’s economic model
– financial overview slides addressing sales performance versus budget, variable sales to net sales ratio, etc.
– the underlying principles of benefits tracking
– the  benefits tracking framework to ensure accurate reporting of scoreboarded benefits
– a process to manage Quick Wins
– Quick Wins stream’s potential areas of analysis
– key concerns around the engagement
– a proposed participative and informative communication plan
– lessons learned on Company 2 engagement


1. Log in to The Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level, membership area.
2. See the “FULL ENGAGEMENTS” dropdown.
3. Select “Corporate Strategy Refresh for Large Industrial Group (38 SLIDES).”

4. The Corporate Strategy Refresh for Large Industrial Group consists of 10 parts for Executive Steering Group Presentation 1.

If you are The Strategy Control Room, Advanced Level, member, here is the direct link to these particular updates (38 SLIDES).

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Kris Safarova

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