What is it: The Consulting Offer is a ex-partner led case interview training program using real candidates. Subscribers can watch video recordings of the candidates being trained for McKinsey, BCG and Bain case interviews. The show is now in its 5th season with Season 1, 2 and 3 available for streaming on the site. Season 4 is exclusively available to FC Insiders and Season 5 is in production.

What we did: We brought together 15 candidates from 8 schools, 8 nationalities and spread across the USA, France, China and India, and trained them.

The program contains the video training footage of 3 MBAs, 5 PhDs, 1 undergraduate and 2 MSc students as we prepare them for case interviews with  McKinsey, Bain and BCG in New York, New Jersey, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Perth, Johannesburg, Boston, Atlanta, Tokyo, Singapore, London and Chicago.

We capture 6 months of video footage and designed the program for our 32 Harvard Business School clients in the October 2012 full-time recruitment cycle, who achieved an 84% placement rate using this program and helped us design the content.

Who are the candidates: Season 1 is Felix, Samantha, Rafik and Sanjeev. Season 2 is Alice and Michael. Season 3 is Jen and Zach. Season 4 is Haris, Sizan, Dylan and Francisco.

Who did the training: Candidates were trained by Firmsconsulting some seasons are done by Kevin Coyne, the former McKinsey Worldwide Strategy Practice Co-Leader. Note that while we have used a variety of external senior partners to contribute to Seasons 1 – 5 of The Consulting Offer, Firmsconsulting owns the worldwide rights and is ultimately responsible for the planning and execution of the program.

What would subscribers receive: In this program subscribers will watch 8 real candidates go through 23 sessions – 90 minutes apiece – as we train them for McKinsey, BCG and Bain interviews. There is 400 hours of video training footage. 70 hours of perfect answer videos. 350 cases covered in the sessions.

The coaches present written solutions for 233 cases and video record a “perfect answer” for the 233 cases: painstakingly correcting mistakes made by the candidates while playing the role of the candidate. Every candidates’ training calendar, networking emails, coaches audio feedback, case preparation notes and personal video diaries are neatly archived so their journey can be followed.

What was documented? Everything was documented, cleaned and archived. There are ~1500 files available for subscribers. A file could be a video recording of a training session, or the coaches written solutions to a case. Every interaction between the candidate and his/her coach/mentor – mentoring call, networking emails, document editing, email, phone calls, video sessions, Skype – is recorded and available in a convenient chronological format so the subscriber may use the material as their personal preparation road-map.

Are there any memorable moments? There are many, but this one stands out. A candidate goes from an office recruiting manager decline to re-entering the interview process via our “bold strategy” of networking with the worldwide managing partner of that firm.

How were candidates selected? 812candidates from 64 schools worldwide applied. 30 candidates were selected for 1st round screening: video screening and compatibility tests. 15 candidates were screened in the 2nd round: communication skills. 8 candidates went into the 3rd and final screening round. 5 candidates went through an extensive background check.

We selected between 2 to 4 candidates per season.

Costs: Monthly : $107/month for access to all seasons

“The Consulting Offer” and “Firmsconsulting” are trademarks of Firmsconsulting.