Over 70 case interview practice videos with the candidates, 233 case solution videos with the “perfect answer”, 70 recorded sessions etc is a lot of information – 90 training videos. Although files are chronologically arranged online from Session 1 to Session 23, this guide indicates what you can find within each session.

To make it easier to understand all the material available for subscribers, we have presented two cuts/views of the files:

View One – Simple

Coaching session videos/podcasts

1. Video Diary: 1 to 2 minute video diary, 70 video diaries in total which the candidate prepares before each case session explaining their preparation and any questions they want to raise with their coach.

2. Video Case Session: ~90 minute video, 70 video recorded sessions in total, of the case practice session covering between 4 and 7 cases per a session, with the candidate’s case attempt and coaches’ guidance and feedback.

3. Text Candidate Case Session Notes: The candidates personal notes/calculations, about 3 pages a session, are loaded from each session and reviewed by his/her coach with feedback provided.

4. Video Resume rewriting: Four video recordings lasting about 60 minutes each with the coach editing and rewriting a candidate’s resume, with the candidate’s involvement.

5. Articles: The candidates practice articles on strategy and sector issues taken from the McKinsey Quarterly and BCG Perspectives. These are loaded on the site for easy access.

6. Audio Session feedback: After each session, the coach reviews the files and provides a 5-10 minute audio summary highlighting the main areas for development and/or concerns. Over 70 feedback podcasts in total – 1 per case practice session recorded.

Candidate self-practice

1. Audio Self practice: Candidates regularly load audio self-practice cases or fit questions. These are typically 5 to 10 minutes long.

2. Video Self practice: Candidates sometimes load video self-practice cases or fit questions. These are typically 30 to 60 minutes long.

3. Audio Feedback on self practice: For every self-practice video/audio file uploaded, the coach provides a detailed guide offering improvement suggestions.

Mentoring Calls

1. Audio Mentor Calls: All mentoring discussions with Kevin Coyne, ex-McKinsey director and worldwide strategy leader, are recorded. They are 60 minutes each.

2. Audio coach’s feedback: After each mentoring call, the mentor and coach discuss the candidate’s performance and the final feedback for the candidate is captured in an additional recording.


1. Written Networking emails: All networking emails and responses with partners are archived with the coach’s feedback.

2. Audio preparation and feedback: Discussions with the candidate and coach to plan for the networking and to complete a “mock-call” before important networking sessions

“Perfect Answers”

1. Written case solutions: Each case practiced with a candidate is accompanied by a written solution to the problem. Approximately 230 individual written solutions.

2. Video case solutions: Each case practiced with a candidate is accompanied by a “perfect answer” delivered by the coach where he takes the role of the candidate to solve the case. Over 230 individual video “perfect answers.”

3. Audio case solutions: Some of the coach’s perfect answer solutions are best provided via audio files. There are about 50 such solutions in audio format, though the majority of solutions are in video format.

Practice Quizzes

1. Practice quizzes: 23 practice quizzes with 10 practice questions each and all containing detailed explanatory notes.

View Two – Detailed

• Resume videos and feedback: Each candidate’s original resume as well as video editing of the resume and the updated version after the edits. Approximately four rounds of video editing are captured and available with the reasons for the changes. (16 videos)

• Cover letter podcast feedback: The original cover letter as well as Firmsconsulting’s verbal feedback on each edit is captured, as well as the updated cover letter. Approximately two rounds of editing are captured. (~4 podcasts)

For each case coaching session – 23 sessions each for the final candidate – a substantial amount of material is available to subscribers, described below:

• Video diary: Prior to each session, the candidate loads a short video diary discussing their feedback from prior sessions, lessons learned, preparation for the forthcoming session and any changes they would like to see in the program. (~70 videos)

• Session Video recording: The entire coaching session is video recorded so that subscribers may observe the interaction. Each session is approximately 90 minutes in length. (~70 videos)

• Annotated videos: All videos above are annotated with key points, advice and guidance appearing on the right and bottom of the videos. Subscribers can pause, attempt the case and then read the annotations and coaching feedback.

• Whiteboard: All guidance and case solutions presented by the coach in the videos above are presented via an electronic whiteboard for complex cases. Therefore, subscribers can see the coach solving the case as well as listen to the guidance provided to the candidate.

• Session Feedback Podcast: The coach posts a short session feedback podcast highlighting the key candidate development areas after every coaching session. (~78 podcasts)

• Coach’s “Perfect Answer” Video: Every single case covered in a session is presented by the coach in a separate video with the perfect solution. Of greatest importance, the coach talks through the solution as if he were in an interview, thereby demonstrating the key communication skills required. This includes all the fit questions covered. (~200 videos and 50 podcasts)

• Coaching solution notes: Each solution video above is supported by a coach’s notes containing the proposed clarifying questions, key question, structure, hypotheses and solutions. (~230 written solutions)

• Quiz per session: At the end of each session, subscribers can take a quiz to see if they have learned the key lessons from that session. In total, there are 23 quizzes. This ensures subscribers learn the correct skills before progressing to the next round.

• Video Library: Subscribers may also elect to use an additional video library consisting of approximately 80 case solution videos. This is the key preparation material used by candidates and is a strong training tool. Note that subscription to this library is an additional fee. (70 videos)

• Candidate handwritten notes: Candidates scan and upload all their handwritten notes, calculations etc, with their original handwriting, from a session, upon which their coach can analyse their performance and provide feedback for improvement. (~70 sets of notes)

Other material also available to subscribers:

• Candidate’s calendar: Candidates keep a detailed electronic calendar which allows us to track their progress and preparation. Subscribers can choose to mirror this progression if they chose and see the actual activities performed on each day to see how a candidate prepared daily. (over 5 months)

• Mentoring sessions: All candidate mentoring calls with Kevin Coyne, the former McKinsey Director and worldwide strategy co-leader are recorded and made available to subscribers. Each call is approximately 60 minutes in length. (8 podcasts)

• Practice video and audio recordings: Clients load two types of practice material. First, they load audio self-practice sessions and second, they load video sessions practicing with other candidates. We load podcast feedback for both types of practice sessions. (A mix of about 10 video and audio files)

• Fit interview feedback: Candidates load their response to various fit questions, and coaches provide detailed podcast feedback. Candidates load changes to their responses based on the podcast feedback, and this process continues until the coach is satisfied with the answer – over 15 different types of questions are covered. (20 audio files and 20 Firmsconsulting feedback podcasts)

• Infographic: Extensive data has been tracked on each candidate. This data has been arranged into an interesting infographic to explain the progression of a candidate. This is one of the most useful parts of the program: the statistical data and visuals to explain why candidates performed as they did.

• Best-Practice LinkedIn profile: A best-practice LinkedIn profile has been created with detailed notes which allow subscribers to both replicate the profile, including the style of photo, and refer to the notes to understand why the necessary changes were made.

• LinkedIn photos: Subscribers can view the proposed candidate photos and the reasons we elected not to use them, as well as review the reasons we chose the recommended photo for LinkedIn.

• Social features of the site: All material is housed in an easy to navigate site with the option to leave comments, “like” features, create discussion groups with friends, bookmark features, load photo’s of sample calculation, find practice partners and much more. Subscribers are encouraged to leave questions, share ideas and create focus groups to discuss their training.