Felix Yale PhD


Felix is a 27 year old Yale doctoral candidate in the sciences and originally from China. We were very impressed with her communication skills and believed she had a very compelling resume for her age. Felix was selected due to the triad of obstacles she was facing in pursuing a consulting career and was the “impossible candidate” to place. She was targeting the German offices and did not speak the local language, she had no significant past working experience and did not understand any of the major sectors in Germany. All of this, just at the time the German offices had prioritized applicants who were fluent in German!

Overall Ranking: 1st – Very strong candidate.

To see what “good” looks like, Felix is the candidate to watch. Her learning rate, attitude, business judgement, humility and likability factors are all high. Her communication is strong and she even develops new/better ways to solve some cases. Felix would pass a McKinsey or BCG final round case.

Advantages: Enormous work ethic. Pleasant personality. Exceptional business judgement. Quick to understand and use feedback. Takes advice and acts on it quickly.

Opportunities: Chasing a tough office. Lots of “balls in the air” w.r.t to personal, academic and working activities. Should always remember how good a profile she has.


Samantha Yale Postdoctoral Fellow


Samantha is a 32 year old Yale post-doctoral fellow, originally from China, and an experienced hire. She is determined, hard working and graduated near the top of her class in just about every exam she ever wrote. She had one of the highest technical scores in the screening interviews for this program. Samantha was targeting the North-Eastern USA which was a stretch region for her, but not impossible. Our largest challenge would be to help Samantha with communication problems and her ability to use the feedback.

Overall Ranking: 4th – Needs to focus on fundamentals.

Samantha had very specific development areas. Her preparation and communication could have been better. Business judgement was also open to strong development. Samantha could have been much better at following feedback. Samantha’s ranking does not reflect her level of effort given that she, along with Felix, was one of the hardest working candidates in the program. She gave it her all.

Advantages: Enormous heart, drive and passion; One of the hardest working candidates in the program. Samantha is eager to learn.

Opportunities: Internalizing and acting on feedback




Rafik is a 28 year old HEC Paris MBA candidate from North Africa. He is also an experienced-hire. His journey and path into business in Paris was both interesting and challenging. We selected him due to the scope of the challenges he would face in the program. Given the recession and painful economic restructuring in France, employment prospects were bleak at best, and particularly challenging for foreigners.

Overall Ranking: 3rd – Needs better self-management.

Rafik’s development areas had little to do with cases. All of the challenges he experienced came down to his preparation before the sessions – in other words, it came down to time and self-management. They were either done inadequately or not done at all. If he could have managed the time between sessions better, he could have been a break-out candidate. Rafik could have conceivably been in the final 2 candidates if he had prepared better.

Advantages: A resilient candidate with a good background: very pleasant person who is keen to take feedback.

Opportunities: Internalizing and acting on feedback




Sanjeev is a 27 year old IESE Business School MBA candidate. He is also an experienced-hire. Based in India he is trying to pursue a career in South Africa, Singapore, Dubai or Australia – a very difficult proposition for Indian-based candidates. We selected Sanjeev due to his commitment, drive and focus on oil and gas. The main obstacle for Sanjeev was that he felt everything could be planned before he did it. This led to lots of delays and a hesitation to learn by experimentation, which is a key element of building a networking strategy.

Overall Ranking: 2nd – Followed too many predetermined ideas on networking versus following the feedback we provided.

Sanjeev was not close to Felix on performance. There was a significant gap which grew from session 14 onward. If Sanjeev could have followed the networking advice more closely and focused on just the top 3 development areas, he would have been exceptional.

Advantages: Very young with a good track record and history of responsibility. Disciplined candidate who prepares well. In-demand sector “specialization.”

Opportunities: Internalizing and acting on feedback