In Phase 1, the 3.5-month study above, the consulting team recommended Empire International refocuses on the core business of Designing-Building-Operating-Maintaining (DBOM) Gx-Tx-Dx infrastructure in the Middle East and North Africa.

Empire International is a power company created to invest in non-regulated businesses in Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and Latin America. All these investment markets exist outside of the parent company’s North Africa - GCC local market

Since Empire Int.’s founding, that core/local market has undergone a shift where there is renewed focus on expanding and maintaining the crumbling and outdated infrastructure base to meet surging electricity demand.

Unless Empire Energy focuses on meeting rapidly growing energy demand, electricity blackouts remain a real threat that will impact the countries productivity and attractiveness for FDI.

Yet Empire Energy does not have the skills to do all the DBOM work.

Therefore, Empire Int. will become the in-house construction arm of Empire Energy and build new power stations and transmission lines, and prepare for a smart-grid increasingly powered by wind, solar and other renewables.


The Phase 1 study also indicated that Empire Int. is woefully unprepared to undertake massive construction work in the local generation, transmission and smart grid sectors.

Empire Int. does not have many core skills since it has not built any infrastructure in over 20 years within the local market. During that time, technology, legislation and manpower have changed. Finding skilled engineers will by itself be a major challenge.

Phase 2 of the study will see the team refining the business model for Empire Int. so that it may successfully take on its new role within Empire Energy: essentially as a construction, maintenance and refurbishment unit dedicated to the electricity sector.

We focus on building a fleet of new coal and renewable power stations within 10 years.

In Phase 2, a 6-month phase, the consulting team will begin implementing the asset divestiture program and examine the best way to organize and prepare Empire International for its new build mandate.

Phase 2 consists of 7 major work streams: governance and management processes, strategy realization, organization and process alignment, human asset optimization, systems alignment, transformation alignment and project management.

Tell us what you would like to see in phase 2 in the comments below.


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