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We’ve almost rounded the sun once more. Less than 2 weeks left in 2021! And I turned 40 on top of it. Feels like an end of a chapter and the beginning of the next. This year was hard. If you weren’t hard enough on yourself, I’m sure you felt judged by many people for how you’ve decided to deal with the pandemic, and how you thought about protecting your family, healthcare, closings/openings, the economy, the kind of leader you are, and many other things.

I wanted to say…

… thank you for your support during this year.

We have the most amazing people within our community who went out of their way to support me and the FIRMSconsulting team during this year, and during the entire pandemic. When masks were in short supply one of our incredible members made sure the entire FC team had enough masks. We have a prelaunch team that helps us polish the books before it is released to the broader community. We have amazing members doing all kinds of supportive acts of kindness to ensure the success and wellbeing of the company. And I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

As you know, we don’t get everything right. I wish I built a bigger team earlier. I wish we could have been more consistent this year with emails to our community. I wish I could have gotten out in our community more. I wish I could have seen my family more. I wish I could have finished a bunch of big projects that are still unfinished going into 2022. And I judge myself for this kind of stuff. You probably do too.

But what I also know is people within our community are a very rare bunch. We are leaders, we take responsibility for our clients, teams, and families, we do our best, we demand more from ourselves than anyone has the right to demand of us. We take action when other people don’t have the courage to act… because leaders go first.

When people do judge you remember that:

1. You will always be judged if you are a leader. The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing, do nothing and be nothing. But there are also a lot of people out there that will support you and cheer you on. I am one of them. Every member of the FIRMSconsulting team is one of them. And as you gain momentum you will start noticing more support.

In my own career and business, it hurts my heart to see negative comments about our work because we put so much effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars (even millions of dollars and more for people who know how to use the materials) of value into our Insider membership, SLIDES membership, books, and programs, which are available at a price unequivocally below the value offered.

So, for example, every time I would see a review saying nasty, untruthful things about a book that I knew was changing the lives of many people around the world, it would really hurt my heart because fewer people would get the book as a result of that comment. But then, as momentum grew and more people have seen the results from the books, I started receiving multiple messages per week from around the world on how our books impacted someone’s business or career. Here are some messages I just received.

And this is what gives me additional support to be spending this Christmas and New Year working on new books for you guys.

2. Many people who judge you are uninformed, and to be frank, don’t really care. They often have feeling significant as a major need in their lives and by judging you, belittling your efforts, even though just for a little while, they feel a little more important, a little more significant in their own lives.

Coming back to people who would be posting nasty comments online, often hiding behind anonymity. Think about the type of person who would do that. With so little time that we have on this earth who would decide to invest their precious time belittling someone else’s work?

The people who judge you are usually casual observers who know nothing about you and, frankly, don’t care about you. They are advancing their own agendas such as trying to feel a little more important, a little more significant by belittling and judging someone else. Those are NOT professional or informed assessments.

So please keep in mind that most belittling, judging, and trolling you’ll ever receive as a leader is not worth paying attention to. It’s not coming from pros.

Use it as free advice to see if there is any value there. Some judgment, some criticism has the potential to make you better, sharper, and more advanced. If not, feel compassion for those people. They are miserable, often significance-driven people who are not contributing to the world at the level they could if that is how they choose to spend their limited time on earth.

Google any great leader and you will find a ton of nasty, soul crashing comments about them online. Don’t let judgment stop you from contributing at the highest level you can.

You have supported my efforts, and our team’s efforts this year. I am very grateful.

People always judge me and my team online for something – too long books, not long enough books, hard to find you online you don’t market enough, you have too much marketing, you are female and why should we listen to you then, too direct in your feedback to clients, not direct enough in your feedback to clients, too expensive, not expensive enough, too much free stuff, not enough free stuff.

But you guys have always supported me, and I never forget it.

From our recent Strategy. Part 1 launch that naturally (not because of a giant ad budget) went to number 1 bestseller status on Amazon…

… or reviews (we read every review for books, podcasts, and apps) for the Strategy Skills podcast that this week hit the 200th episode …

I’ve felt your support, attention, and appreciation. Even on the days I got nasty reviews and comments for my work and my team’s work from trolls. Even on the days I’m too hard on myself.

So, thank you.
I am incredibly grateful for you all. And I wish you a warm and happy holiday season.

Before you go, here’s what I would like to know this week: What needs to happen in 2022 for you to feel you had an extraordinary year for your life, career, and business, that you were the kind of leader you could really be proud of? 

Email [email protected] and let us know. I will read every reply.

Take care,

CEO, FIRMSconsulting

P.S. We hope you will find this message helpful. Email [email protected] and let us know what needs to happen in 2022 for you to feel you had an extraordinary year for your career and business, or even generally for your life. I will read every reply. And as you are building your skills with FIRMSconsulting Insider materials, SLIDES, our booksadvice sessions coaching, The Consulting Sales Rainmaker coaching program, The Published Author program, or any other resources, please also focus on building a skill set that will serve you for the rest of your life, versus only focusing on achieving a short-term goal.

the role of a leader in a recession 2020 leadingThe Role of a Leader in a Recession 2020

In the previous article “How Can You Prepare for a Recession,” we addressed the importance of taking the upcoming recession 2020 very seriously. As a leader, whatever you can do to protect your family, current clients, your organization, and your job, you must do it. In this article, we look at what is the role of a leader in a recession.

A Good Leader Protects Their Family, Job, Clients, and Organization

A leader does not kick back in a crisis. And certainly, a leader does not give up or hope that things will work out somehow. A leader intends to use a crisis to change the trajectory of their family, career, department, and organization. They use it as a time to show “what they’re made of.”

Changing Jobs During a Recession

Changing jobs in this market is very hard. If you are here on an H1B visa (permits a foreign national to work in the United States for a temporary period) or something like this, if we were in your place we would not be trying to change jobs now. You going to have a lot of problems. Instead, do what you can to not get fired/laid off.

how to prepare for a recession networking

If you are someone who is looking for a job, you have got to reach out to your network now before they are inundated with requests when everyone else is unemployed.

Move fast. Reach out to your network. Finish your resume. Finish your cover letter. If you are a Premium member or an FC Insider use our The Consulting Offer series to help you maximize the effectiveness of your resume.

And, if you are not a member, our How to edit a resume article and related video will be helpful for you to start the process of updating your resume.

You can view an example of a good resume below. If you are a Premium member you can watch Alice being trained by Kevin P. Coyne, former McKinsey partner, and former McKinsey worldwide strategy practice co-leader. You will also see Alice getting an offer from McKinsey NYC and BCG NYC at the end of The Consulting Offer II season.

Consulting resume recessionRegardless, if you are planning to change jobs or not during a recession, focus on investing in yourself to increase your earning potential and the value of your work.

How Can You Get Ahead with Clients During the Recession 2020

If you are a consultant, pick the clients you going to protect. Some of them, they never going to hire you and that’s ok. Some of them want to hire you but they don’t know you have the skills they need to solve their most pressing problems.

If you are willing to take some pain, no strings attached, clients will be more willing to talk to you. For example, you can offer to be compensated based on results. At a minimum, you will likely be able to build a stronger relationship with a client that can later lead to paid work. If things turn out well, this can lead to some solid revenue at the time when your firm really needs it, and client referrals.

Sometimes you have to leave an important client. You may make a strategic decision to withdraw from a client. For example, for a variety of reasons the leadership team may not respect you. Rather than spend a lot of time trying to win them over, you can invest that time in client relationships which are likely to result in revenue for your firm.

A Good Leader Invests in Skills Development

In terms of skills development, you can go for practical skills or for theoretical skills. Theoretical skills are also known as a degree.

We, at FIRMSconsulting, focus on practical skills. Many of our programs on StrategyTraining.com/Apps and StrategyTV.com/Apps teach skills to fix a very closely defined problem like learning how to solve a quantitative problem, learning how to map and frame an issue or learning how to develop a strong relationship with clients.

You get very quick results, lower cost and higher returns over compressed times. Companies want this. Companies don’t need people with degrees now unless they can fix specific problems.

the role of a leader recession 2020 downturn leader leads

Why These Skills are Hard to Learn?

But, why are these skills so hard to learn?

Because it is compressed you have to show results quickly. That’s the tradeoff. If you tell someone you can do X you have to be able to do X and get a result. Which is why people tend to go for theoretical skills. They go to a nice MBA program. They get hired because they went to a nice MBA program and it’s going to take a long time for them to show whether it’s worth it because they are not measured on a discrete bite-sized project.

So you have got to decide, are you going for practical skills or theoretical skills? If you go for theoretical skills, a degree, it is expensive. There is a long payback. Sometimes there is no payback. It is essentially a 4-year game for most people. You have to apply during this year (some people take longer to apply), 2 years to study and one year to reap some rewards.

It works for 20 percent of the people. Those are 20 percent you hear about. The other 80 percent just meander. They are worse off than those who learned practical skills. And they are probably never going to get the return on investment they wanted.

The Reason You Want to Consider an MBA During the Recession 2020

What is the reason you may want to consider an MBA during the recession of 2020? One, it allows you to stay in the country. And two, depending on where you study, whether it is Canada or Australia, it may lead to residency.

A Good Leader Has to Make Tough Decisions: Leaving the United States

Now, I want to talk about a part that many people probably don’t want to talk about. That is considering leaving the United States. For many of you, in this time, whether you want to or not, leaving the United States has to be an option you give enough consideration.

The reality is that we are going through a global pandemic right now. There are not many jobs anywhere. So if you are leaving to find a job elsewhere it is possible you will get something good but maybe you will get something worse. Yet, maybe you just have no choice. If you leave, you most likely going to leave for family reasons, or visa reasons or trying to cut costs.

We always tells clients if you leave the United States it is almost impossible to come back. If you make this move you have got to know that your life plan is going to change quite dramatically. If you go it is most likely permanent. We always tell clients one area where you have to get ahead of things is your residency and visa status. If you want to stay here and your only route is to study or get a job it is going to be very hard to get a job now. Studying may be the best route. But that is a big commitment you need to make.

For many people, it is beneficial to apply for Australian or Canadian PR now. It is fast. It is points-based. Study leads to residency. If I was in a situation where my residency was not sorted out, I would do it now. I would not think, just do it. It would give me an option.

the role of a leader recession 2020 downturn

The Role of a Leader in a Moment of Crisis

I am going to leave you with some important points. If you are part of the FC community, and especially if you are an FC Insider, you are a leader. And leaders rise in a moment of crisis. We understand our role, we understand our purpose in the world, we understand what we have to do. This is what we were trained to do.

If you feel you are lost, if you feel you are scared, look… everyone is scared.

You got to distinguish between knowing how you feel and knowing what you want to show other people. Because while you may be scared other people are dependent on you, their leader, to show them a level of confidence and calmness. Otherwise, it is just a ripple effect and a viral effect of uncertainty and anxiousness. Well, maybe viral is not the right word to use right now…

A Good Leader Keeps Everyone Calm

Yes, things are going to get very bad, very fast. You will be affected. You may lose your job. To a large degree it is going to happen to a lot of people, not everyone. Or at least you going to have some financial shock. But, as a member of the FC community and especially if you are an FC Insider, you are prepared for it. Where there are some suboptimal opportunities you going to put things aside and focus on saving your family, your business, your clients, and your employer.

Because you know, common sense will tell you, we are going to get through this. So no matter how bad it looks, no matter what newspapers tell you, and newspapers will tell you anything they need to sell a newspaper, know that we are not going back to the Middle Ages. You will know that. As a good leader, you will keep everyone calm and move through.

A Good Leader Helps Others in a Crisis

You know your life, your career plan, your skills will have to change. And that is normal. What you see is compression of that time when you realize you need to change and you accept it. You will plan for that change. You not going to hope it does not change because hope is not a strategy. As a good leader, you will embrace and you will lean in.

You not going to fight it. Because by the time you pivot after fighting it it may be too late.

The most important thing to remember is that these are the moments when you can change the trajectory of your life. If you are stuck in your career, if you are stuck in your life, if you are stuck in a bad relationship, if you are stuck in something that you don’t want to be stuck in, 10 years from now, 20 years from now when you look back at this moment you will realize that this is the time you could have made major changes in your life. A good leader never lets a crisis go to waste.

So use this crisis to make a major change. As a member of the FC community, and especially if you are an FC Insider, you know the role you play. You have been called up to the major leagues now. You have got to take the call and do what you were trained to do.

Are you going to mess up?

Yes. Everyone messes up.

But that is fine. In life you know you will mess up, you step back, you rethink things and you move forward. But what you should not do is be too hard on yourself.

You are not going to know everything you need to do. But if you are a FIRMSconsulting member, especially FC Insider, you have all the training. We have given it to you. If you don’t know something just go look it up. But right now its about you helping others because that is what a good leader does in a crisis.

If you’re enjoying the FC resources, I’d love it if you shared it with a friend or two. You can send them here to sign up.

WHAT IS NEXT? If you have any questions about our membership training programs (StrategyTV.com/Apps & StrategyTraining.com/Apps) do not hesitate to reach out to us at support @ firmsconsulting.com. You can also get access to selected episodes from our membership programs when you sign-up for our newsletter above or hereContinue developing your strategy skills.

Cheers, Kris

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