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Start Here: Reaching Your Potential

Approximately 6.7% of the world’s population has a university degree. Less than 1% of this select group has the intent and the will to make a difference. Because you are receiving this email, I know you are likely a part of that small group. Thank you for being the kind of person who wants to make a positive contribution.

Whether you are new to the FC community or have been a client for many years, I would like to personally thank you for being a part of our community. A community of driven and talented people around the world who understand that leadership is about implementing complex ideas and banking the benefits, which includes influencing their colleagues to act without alienating them.

The challenges facing the world are too big to be fixed unless people are willing to lead. This requires teams, and often these teams must undertake innovative solutions for which there is little precedent. Whether it is poverty, climate change, a pandemic or other global health issues, inequality, income, or productivity growth—many of these problems can only be solved by this 1%.

I know leadership can be a lonely and frustrating path of seeking effective, innovative solutions—and overcoming obstacles—while marshaling the resources to implement them. I stand alongside you by curating your arsenal—books, podcasts, immersive video programs, advanced knowledge management systems (including studies, slides, and proposals), bestselling book publishing service, and transformational coaching programs—to help you make your contribution to solving mankind’s toughest problems.

I believe ethical business is as high a professional calling as any, and problem-solving, strategy, communication, implementation, leadership, entrepreneurship, and investing are powerful skills that require creativity, business judgment, and acute critical thinking ability. I am grateful that you are pursuing mastery in these skills as we need more capable people to ensure we, as a human race, don’t go backward.

If you have not done so already, you will enjoy meeting other members of the FC community – through our coaching programs and community. Many of them, likely the same as you, are self-made. Nothing was handed to them. They worked hard all their lives—now they’re in a position that allows them an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the world. Quite a few of our clients end up dating and marrying. We attract very special people, and our members know they are in a unique group.

I am speaking from experience—my journey has been a long and tough one. I understand where you may have been, what you may be going through, and what you may need to fully realize YOUR potential.

Given you were called to join the FIRMSconsulting.com & StrategyTraining.com community, I bet you are a well-intentioned and honorable person. Being a part of your inner circle is an enormous privilege. You aspire for more than what society had intended for you. You are a leader who understands that making a difference requires noble intentions and commitment.

I am excited about the possibilities that will open up for you as a result of benefiting from our powerful training resources. As you may know by now, I work with eminent former partners of major consulting firms, CEOs, universities, and major banks to prepare in-depth training programs teaching skills you would not be able to learn anywhere else in the world other than if you were a mentee of those partners and executives. This is our mark of distinction. Our programs are specifically designed not only to teach you the insights but to teach you how to come up with your own insights for your particular, unique situation.

The easiest way to understand the advantage of using our training resources is to review excerpts of our work. Below I will give you a big picture view of various resources we have along our value ladder, including some free samples such as chapters from our books. For simplicity, let’s start from the bottom of the value ladder and move up from there.

Strategy and Problem-Solving Books

Succeeding as a Management Consultant (download excerpt) and The Strategy Journal (download excerpt) guide you, step-by-step, to understand the problem, develop a framework, develop hypotheses, design the tests for the hypotheses and track daily and weekly tasks. If you are an Insider or a Legacy member, you can access the audiobook version here.

These books will also show you how to plan the message for your team and manager, manage the project, work through critical update meetings, calculate the benefits case to convince your colleagues, and start the pilot implementation of the recommendations.

Bill Matassoni’s memoir, Marketing Saves the World (download excerpt), goes behind the scenes as told by one of the partners who conceived and implemented McKinsey’s incredibly successful strategy to differentiate itself from BCG and Bain & Co. Bill also holds the distinction of being both former McKinsey and BCG senior partner. You can access additional training with Bill if you are an Insider or a Legacy member (those resources are located on our streaming site: StrategyTraining.com).

Mavis (download excerpt) and Turquoise Eyes (download excerpt) are a new genre of business books with immersive and compelling storylines and worldbuilding. These books are part of an ongoing series that teach business concepts and critical thinking through engaging formats. If you are an Insider or a Legacy member, you can access the audiobook versions here.

We help our members remain energized and focused on their work. Last year for a period of a few months, we released Monday Morning 8 a.m., a newsletter that went out at the start of the week. There we distilled the insights from the noise by summarizing the big themes of the week and provided compelling, counterintuitive, and critical insights and information that every leader needs. You can listen to the audio version of Monday Morning 8 a.m. by searching “Strategy Skills” in any podcast app, or you can get a compilation of Monday Morning 8 a.m. newsletters published as a book, “Strategy Insights.”

Podcasts (Top 5-10 for careers in many countries)

Strategy Skills podcast channel: Our Strategy Skills podcast is ranked among the top 5-10 podcasts for careers in many countries. This is where we discuss the latest insights in strategy and business with executives from large organizations, leading professors, and influential McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, PwC, et al. partners, such as Tim Koller, Rob Markey, Aaron De Smet, and Bill Schaninger.

The podcast is used by senior managers and executives from major companies like Amazon, Google, major banks, P&G, executives within public sector giants around the world, McKinsey, BCG, Accenture, PwC, Deloitte, all the way up to executive board members.

Case Interviews & Management Consulting podcast channel: The largest and most popular in the world case interview and management consulting podcast with over 500 episodes released to date. If you are preparing for consulting case interviews this podcast (along with our The Consulting Offer programs on StrategyTraining.com) can be instrumental in helping you get offers from your target firms.

Premium, Insider, Legacy, and SLIDES memberships (StrategyTraining.com)

Our video programs take members deep into fundamental principles to develop insights, launch a luxury brand start-up and an electric car business, transform their careers, launch and grow their own consulting firms, turn around a failing organization, and more.

Members learn from eminent partners like Kevin P. Coyne (former McKinsey senior partner and worldwide co-head of strategy practice) and Bill Matassoni (former McKinsey and BCG senior partner and worldwide head of marketing), and more. Our programming is unique, exclusive, and curated.

This is the world of FC Insiders and Legacy members (Legacy members have access to all Insider materials + additional powerful advanced materials and resources, plus ongoing twice-a-month group coaching guidance and support).

Some of our most advanced programs are exclusively available to them on StrategyTraining.com, and—as an add-on—through our advanced knowledge management system with studies, workshop packs, letters, proposals, and more (a separate membership we refer to as SLIDES. Once you are an Insider or Legacy member you can apply to join as a SLIDES member for an additional fee).

Our strategy studies (get downloadable maps here) provide a step-by-step blueprint to explain both the analytic and soft skills required to solve critical problems.

At the top of the value ladder, we have our high-value programs. Here we have 2 types of programs.

The Published Author Program

Co-authoring a book with other FIRMSconsulting clients and me, or publishing a full book. Our publishing service guarantees that a book you are participating in or your full book will reach bestseller status in at least 1 Amazon category, which will give you the distinction of being a bestselling author. And we can help you write a great chapter or a great book that can become a huge asset for your career for the rest of your life. The full book can be published by Firmsconsulting and/or we can help you create and launch it, but it can be published in your name on your Amazon account. Each option has pros and cons, and we are happy to have a chat and help you decide which option is best for you.

Results-Oriented Coaching Programs

Coaching programs are one of the most powerful ways to work with us. You join a small group of some of our most successful clients and work with us over a period of time (usually 3-6 months per program), following a decade-proven process that gets clients results. Our coaching programs include a combination of elements that together position clients for transformational results, including:

  1. 1-on-1 strategy sessions with me
  2. regular results sessions with me and Michael (our most in-demand former senior partner coach)
  3. additional templates and resources
  4. community
  5. masterminds
  6. and our most advanced training programs

Here are the programs you can apply for:

  1. Executive Presence & Communication Coaching Program (Currently ongoing. The next cohort is planned to start in October 2023).
  2. The Masterplan Acceleration Coaching Program (The previous cohort graduated at the end of September 2022. The next cohort is planned to be starting at the beginning of 2023. You are welcome to apply now: VIP or Elite.)
  3. Consulting Sales and Consulting Practice Building Coaching Program (The previous cohort graduated in February 2022. Currently, you can subscribe to access the online training portion of this program here, which covers in detail our approach to selling million-dollar engagements. The program focuses on selling to senior executives with large discretionary budgets, even if you lack credibility, have never sold before, or are relatively junior.)

One-on-one Private Coaching and Advice Sessions

If you need private one-on-one coaching sessions with me outside of coaching programs, you can reach out to [email protected]

If you would like an advice session with Michael, as part of the advice sessions initiative, you can learn more here.

Remember That Your Training Investment is Likely Tax-Deductible

In most countries, subscriptions/enrollment to/into any of our programs (memberships and coaching programs) are tax-deductible since they can be classified as a training/career placement/search expense. And most large organizations, and many smaller ones, will reimburse tuition for professional development. If you are running your own business, your investments in training to improve the performance of your business can and should be expensed to your company. Download this draft reimbursement request and make the necessary changes.

Is There Another Level?

Beyond coaching, we have an additional level along the value ladder, which includes even higher value work, such as launching businesses with some of our closest clients (you can see those businesses documented on StrategyTraining.com). We also do select consulting engagements and more. But it takes years of working with us to get to this step of the ladder. A high level of “know, like, and trust” from both sides is required.

For now, please focus on the options above. There you will find support, powerful and unique resources, personalized coaching, care about your success and future, and accountability that can help you get transformational results, saving years of trial and error and setting you up for a different future and level of performance.

I hope this overview of what we do was helpful for you. If something is still unclear, please do not hesitate to email my team and me at [email protected] I would like to make this description as comprehensive but also as easy as possible to help our clients and members have a big-picture view of various opportunities for support and resources available.

I look forward to helping you make your meaningful contribution to solving mankind’s toughest problems, realizing your full potential, and living a fulfilling and impactful life while achieving more than you ever thought was possible.

Take care,

Kris Safarova

P.S. I tried to give you an overview of all the resources you can get access to. You can view it as a reference guide to use when you are determining the best combination of resources to use right now. If you are struggling to select what will be most helpful for you right now out of the options I shared with you, please email [email protected] explaining your objectives and goals, and we will be able to guide you on developing your coaching and training plan.

Disclaimer: Some links we share may be affiliate links. As Amazon Associate, we may be receiving a commission for purchases from some of the links, at no additional cost to you.

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