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Firmsconsulting @ Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Emerging Leader Career Dialogue

At the campus with muted red bricks and mortar, Firmsconsulting will again provide an opportunity for outstanding young consultants to spend a day with 3 of our partners – former principals and directors of McKinsey & BCG. In an early 20th century Victorian mansion, our partners will candidly unpack the likely challenges for incoming BCG, Bain and McKinsey analysts/associates/consultants as they begin their consulting careers.

We want to share our unique personal experiences on the path to partnership, and discuss the challenges you may encounter in managing cultural differences, finding mentors, leading your first engagement analyses and building client relationships. For female consultants this may include balancing the personal wish to raise a family, with your career ambitions. The event focuses on the first 2 years of your career.

To ensure discussions of substance, we are limiting participation to 6 exceptional students from any school in the US, in any field of study, who will be commencing their consulting careers anywhere in the world after 1 May 2014.


Given the intimate size of the group, participants will be expected to engage in a free-flowing dialogue as we discuss the issues above, or any others raised during the day. To encourage such candid discourse, we do not have a prescribed format for the day. There is a central room with couches where bespoke one-on-one or group discussions can take place around a wood-burning fireplace. There are no fixed times or slots apportioned and we encourage you to spend as much time as you need with an individual partner, or with as many as you would like to.

To foster an environment where you can unpack especially private circumstances which may impact your career development, a private study has been set aside as well as an outdoor path to enjoy the foliage colors and jointly reflect on your choices.

The Chatham house rule will apply throughout the day.


– 22 November 2013

– The invite-only event starts at 8am and ends at 8pm

– Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served.

– A smart-casual dress code.


– Offer letter from McKinsey, BCG or Bain,

– Resume,

– Cover letter used during your consulting applications.

Please send to [email protected]

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted approximately 7 days before the event. Please make travel arrangements for you own account.

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