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6 Tips to Manage Decision Fatigue

6 Tips to Manage Decision Fatigue

Episode #7, Fridays with Firmsconsulting

I understand the challenges you face. At age 25 I was an immigrant with poor English, no degree and earning $500/month as a receptionist: as described in my biographyOn Firmsconsulting TV I want to teach you how I changed my life to become a rapidly-promoted management consultant, banking director and FC partner in South Africa and Canada. 

Have you noticed as the day progresses you become mentally tired and it is harder to make good decisions? By the end of the day you are running on empty, often making poor choices and feeling cranky. This happens because of decision fatigue.

Every day we have to make a seemingly endless stream of decisions. Small decisions. Big decisions. They all add up, leaving us cognitively impaired and drained. This is why in the evening we tend to skip gym way too often, spend hours at a time watching the latest series on Netflix and succumb to the temptation of finding the bottom of yet another bag of potato chips.

Sounds familiar?

Poorly managed decision fatigue results in low productivity and unhappiness. And we need to keep ourselves productive and in good spirits to reach our goals and dreams.

You probably already know I’m obsessed with finding methods that help me get more done, with less stress and in less time. And one of the things that helps me do just that is a conscious conservation of my mental resources throughout the day when it comes to dealing with mundane/trivial tasks.

Heck, if president Obama and Mark Zuckerberg actively manage decision fatigue, so should anyone else who tries to realize their full potential. And the Firmsconsulting community is just that sort of a group.

On today’s Fridays with Firmsconsulting show I will share 6 ways I found to be most effective in managing decision fatigue.

Keep in mind that you will be tempted to just learn the helpful tips, without actually taking action. But if you want your career to thrive and you want your life’s work to make a positive impact you’ve got to learn how to manage decision fatigue, and that means you’ve got to take action.

I believe this episode is a must watch for us all. No matter what stage of life you’re at, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t want more mental power throughout the day to deal with things that matter.

And don’t forget about helping your loved ones with managing decision fatigue. They are struggling with it too. So if you want them to conserve their mental energy and make better decisions try to take some pressure off them when you feel you can.

Thank you as always for reading and watching. You make my world a better place. Let me know if you have any observations or questions in the comments.

With so much appreciation,


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