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Are You Challenging Self-Imposed Limits?

If you ever went through any of our programs, you know we often speak about breaking out of your orbit. 

When astrophysicists design rockets to travel to other planets or even out of the solar system entirely, they use the rotational velocity of the Earth to speed up the rockets and launch them beyond the reach of Earth’s gravity. 

The speed needed to break free of an orbit is known as escape velocity. This push to achieve such speed has to be given to a spacecraft during launch or when it is already in orbit.

One of the reasons I broke out of my orbit multiple times in my life is because I am doing things against norms.

If you are going to do what is normal, you will get normal results.
At best, you will get incremental improvements.

If you read the books everyone reads, watch the shows everyone watches, play sports everyone plays, work as hard as an average person works, and generally do what most people do, it will be nearly impossible for you to break out of your orbit.

Doing things against norms was not limited to just specific business or career actions I took. It was also evident from my personal behaviors. This “escape velocity” comes out of a combination of personal behaviors and business actions. 

Out-of-norm personal behaviors included: 

  • Working 7 days a week, every day of the year. 
  • The consistent pursuit of mastery. Other people go on vacations, I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on training and coaching. This helps me reach and maintain “escape velocity” for myself and for my clients. At any moment, I am breaking out of an orbit, and I am always trying to compel clients to do so as well. There is always the next level of contribution, of mastery, of quality of life, of vision…
  • I haven’t celebrated my birthday or any holiday for most of my adult life. Forget about inviting me to a party or drinks. I almost never can make it. My calendar is full of mission-driven activities. I still make time for family and close friends. Of course, I do. If they need me, I am 100% there. But beyond that, I usually choose delayed gratification. Is it healthy? Not always. Did it help me achieve and maintain “escape velocity”? You bet.
  • I am also very health-focused. I select carefully what I put into my body and into my mind, when I go to sleep, making sure I exercise. 

Many of our clients are just like me. They reached “escape velocity” by being outliers in their professional actions but also in their personal behaviors. But many of them, once they enter their 30s, and especially as they get closer to their 40s, and achieve a certain level of success, lose their edge. 

They want to finally “fit in” and “enjoy life.” They want to be “normal.” 

They stop challenging self-imposed limits.

They stop pressing on the “gas.”

Instead, they enjoy the ride “down a scenic mountain road.” But at some point, all momentum they generated before deciding to “enjoy life” runs out, and they come to a complete halt. 

Their careers stall, they lose a lot of the skills because they haven’t practiced them for a while, at least not with the same diligence as before, and they often fade into obscurity. I see it often.

Clients like that usually disappear for a while, at the top of their careers. They feel they don’t need improvement anymore. They then reemerge when their career is completely stalled, with no upward momentum and a damaged reputation.

I am not saying you must not rest. If you are in any of our coaching programs, you know I speak about making sure you get sufficient rest all the time.

Dealing with burnout is brutal and very time-consuming.

But I also do not recommend taking your foot off the “gas.”

Once you lose that momentum, once people decide that you are a “has been,” and once your skills start deteriorating (if you are not growing, you are dying), it is basically like building your life from the bottom up again.

 It is a lot harder than maintaining the “escape velocity.”

What I demand of myself and hope for you is to be very self-determined and self-directed. Have the intention to have an outsize success. Have the intention to grow professionally faster than ever before. Demand of yourself neverending pursuit of mastery.

Both Michael and I are constantly breaking out of the next orbit. Michael is actually documenting this process in the Mid-Life Strategy Update program available to Legacy members (scroll down to membership options on StrategyTraining.com). 

Don’t do what the majority is doing. If you do, you will get average results. Don’t settle for average.

Average really means mediocrity.

And no one in the FC community was born to be mediocre. 

The process of reaching and maintaining
“escape velocity” is very simple.
It starts with setting aside ALL excuses.

In my pursuit of mastery, nothing helped me with reaching and maintaining “escape velocity” more than what we are teaching in Speak Without Limits coaching and training program. 

Jump into the last compartment of the Speak Without Limits (aka Executive Presence and Communication) training and coaching program train. Learning how to communicate (with yourself and the world) is the most important skill you will need to reach and maintain “escape velocity.”

We had 2 hours, 36 minutes introductory results clinic, but the deep training starts this Saturday. So you can STILL jump in, catch a replay of the onboarding call, and roll over your sleeves to join us and a group of impressive like-minded leaders in the climb up. 

Learn more about the program here

Apply here: (VIP or Elite).

Take care,


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