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NEW EPISODES: Analyzing a Strategy Partner’s Career

What does it take to become… The Youngest Partner Running a Key Practice

We just released 5 new episodes of the much anticipated Analyzing a Strategy Partner’s Career program. Here are the episodes you can look forward to (more than 50 minutes of new riveting, thought-provoking transformational training):

ASPC 16 Happiness = Impact + Purpose + Results (10:46)
ASPC 17 Learn, and learn effectively (10:14)
ASPC 18 Resourcefulness trumps resources (09:44)
ASPC 19 Know why you are valuable to the firm (10:52)
ASPC 20 Know when, from whom and what you need to learn (10:50)

This program builds upon the foundational knowledge established in Partnership. Memoir and (Re)Building a Consulting Practice.

You will find detailed maps, charts, and analyses to break down and analyze a strategy partner’s key career moments. We address pivotal questions that can shape your career, such as:

  • What does it take to become a partner in just 5 years?
  • How many engagements does one need to master strategy?
  • How many years will it take for a partner to master strategy?
  • What types of engagements teach the core strategy skills?
  • What types of skills must a consultant cumulatively learn to become a strategy partner?
  • Does a weak/average engagement rating lead to a CTL?
  • How important is the first engagement?
  • What mix of clients must an aspiring strategy partner serve?
  • Does public sector work help with the partnership nomination?
  • How to professionally and correctly challenge decisions at the firm?
  • How do remuneration and special bonuses change over time, levels, and across regions?
  • Does one learn more in an engagement that is going well or poorly?
  • Is it better to be staffed in an elite/weaker and/or western/emerging markets office?
  • What types of partner mentors are needed?
  • What is the mix (and number) of corporate strategy engagements needed to master corporate strategy?
  • How to take a leadership role as an associate and where to take a leadership role as an associate.
  • Can one specialize early, and how can this be done?
  • How does one sell the right way, and why is this important?
  • What is the partner engagement workload like?
  • What drives happiness levels as one becomes a partner?
  • Can one be promoted from the Solutions Team to generalist consultant?
  • What happens if the top consultants do not follow you as a partner?
  • What are the pivotal career moments?
  • Does one need to work with many different partners to improve the odds of a partnership nomination?
  • What types of internal roles create the most value?
  • What types of sales strategies can be used?
  • What happens at the senior partner level?
  • What can you not be good at and still be promoted?
  • Who checks the partners’ thinking?
  • How does a partner develop new ways of thinking and build a reputation?

This program is designed to impart approaches, ways of thinking, techniques, and strategies that transcend the consulting industry. It offers valuable lessons for any professional seeking to enhance their strategic thinking, leadership skills, ability to influence, and career progression.

Some people are successful wherever you place them because they just get things done. They know how to figure out and navigate the system. And they create the kind of outsized value that makes them valued highly by the most influential people within the system.

The skills you can develop by going through this trilogy (Analyzing a Strategy Partner’s Career—Partnership. Memoir—(Re)Building a Consulting Practice) are highly transferable and should not be ignored regardless of whether you are in consulting or not.

As with all of Michael’s programs, these episodes are delivered in a riveting manner, ensuring that you are not only learning but thoroughly engaged with the content. Multiple times, clients have told us that our programs are better than Netflix and HBO. Plus, they can make you the most influential person in the room.

Analyzing a Strategy Partner’s Career (Insiders & Legacy Members)

If you are not an Insider or Legacy member, you can enroll here to access this and other programs (scroll down to membership options and select Insider or Legacy membership to immediately gain access to this program):


Take care,
Kris Safarova

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