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Our licensed partners earn premium returns because we provide a premium experience.

FIRMSconsulting’s Licensed Partner Program

Our licensed partners are authentic, ethical, supportive, mean well, create enduring results, receive incredible commissions and change lives forever, one client at a time. We'd be honored to have you join us.

Members pay $167/month
Licensed Partners receive 25% or $41.75/month every month for the duration of the subscription

The details


We have members in over 150 countries across every industry type, including senior executives and government officials.


We have loyalty in our subscriber base. Many non-student members remain with us for an average of five years.


We have a refund rate of 0%. As a subscription service members can test the service in their first month and cancel if it is not for them.

What will you be sharing?

To help you launch our programs, we offer you videos, podcasts and book excerpts that help members on Monday morning 8 a.m. in their careers. Many consider our free content more valuable than most paid programs.

Tools to help you achieve higher conversion rates

We offer PDF guides and explanations to help your clients understand our programs

Five star ratings
for our iTunes channel



Download episodes into Apps


Listen/watch while commuting

Highly rated

Our Apps are highly rated by our customers

Clips for social media

To share about our members and their success

Bill Graca, a FIRMSconsulting Insider and Principal Consultant at Slalom Consulting, discusses the impact he has brought to clients, with our learnings.

In-depth case studies

Client’s discuss the value of the program. A global reach.

Nersis Nersisyan, a FIRMSconsulting Insider and KPMG unit country head, discusses the benefits of membership

No launch date

As a subscription service there is no launch date. We release new content weekly, with new programs appearing throughout the year.

Commissions are paid 60 days after a subscription is processed


We want your experience as a FIRMSconsulting Licensed Partner to be as easy and rewarding as possible. Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions we receive.

If you have more questions, reach out to us at
[email protected]
We are here to help you.

What is the FIRMSconsulting Licensed Partners Program?

Our members are senior, cultured, well-travelled, highly educated and successful. They are people on a powerful career path trying to significantly increase their career ROI and make a greater difference. They are almost never searching for a job or hoping for a small change in their lives. They are seeking breakout career success. It is a different market and pedigree from typical Affiliate Programs. That is a dynamic our Licensed Partners must understand and honor. We work with Licensed Partners to ensure we create the right type of experience for our members.


The FIRMSconsulting Licensed Partner Program is a small group of partners who help us educate prospective members about our program, and together we change lives and help our members solve significant business problems. We are and act differently than most other affiliate programs. We take a strong stand on integrity, ethics, and work extremely hard to protect your brand and ours.


FIRMSconsulting Licensed Partners educate potential members about our membership through podcasts, conferences, conventions, speeches, presentations, social media, blogs, email and telephone conversations. Licensed Partners receive a commission on all sales they refer to FIRMSconsulting.


As stewards for our members and custodians for our brand, all FIRMSconsulting Licensed Partners agree to offer support to anyone who uses their link to purchase the program. We care deeply about our collective customer base and making sure that each and every client knows they’re not just a sale or a commission check, they’re a valued customer by us and the partner that referred them.


All Licensed Partners must divulge that they are an affiliate and might receive financial compensation when they write about FIRMSconsulting & StrategyTraining.com, following FTC guidelines.

How are licensed partners selected?

FIRMSconsulting has always been a purposefully smaller organization. We have a reputation for regularly declining members and work. We therefore follow an application process looking for partners who care about our members and want them to be successful, but would also benefit from working with us. We want our partners to be successful.


Admittedly, we keep the group small so that we know our Licensed Partners well enough to help them. We value those personal connections. And this is not possible with larger groups. Most importantly, we only want to work with those who believe in FIRMSconsulting, what we teach and how we teach.

What are you looking for in a licensed partner?

We look for Licensed Partners who share our ethos about ethical business. We want to work with good people who share our integrity, demanding focus on excellence, philosophy and mission. We want to work with people who want to help members solve mankind’s toughest problems, and as a result, transform their careers. We review each Licensed Partner individually including their brand, messaging, commitment to client service and, where applicable, their personal story of how FIRMSconsulting has positively impacted their business and life.


We want Licensed Partners who have a creative plan for educating potential members about the program as well as a concrete plan for offering support and adding value to those who use their link to subscribe to FIRMSconsulting.


Experienced affiliate marketers should note that we have an extensive list of guidelines to ensure the integrity of the programs. We developed these boundaries based on the lessons we have learned over the years. They are not meant to be restrictive or stifling and are meant to pass on some of our learnings to you. We do our best to protect the brand integrity, customer experience and relationships we have developed. Further, subscribing to FIRMSconsulting is a relatively large investment and our subscribers tend to have refined standards. It’s a significant amount of money for subscribers to invest, and potentially for you to earn as an affiliate. In a world that can be perceived as full of online scams, exuberant promises, misleading descriptions and shams, it’s vital that we all hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and our guidelines help make that happen.

Do I need a large list or large amount of followers to apply?

No. Our Licensed Partners have both big and small lists. We do not strictly look at list size or social media numbers when choosing Licensed Partners. More importantly, we want an Licensed Partner’s audience to be right for FIRMSconsulting.

How does the process work?

Once you submit an application, we will contact you if we believe you could be a good fit for our program.

What are the commissions?

Monthly renewals: We pay 25% of $167 of every transaction for every month a subscription renews.
Exception : We pay 25% of every transaction for members who are granted an exception.

Why was the FIRMSconsulting Licensed Partner Program created?

Many partners have reach out to us to genuinely promote FIRMSconsulting. Initially, we only supplied media, copy and samples. Thereafter, as a thank you for their sincere efforts, we decided to create an affiliate program.

I am a current FIRMSconsulting member or Alum and would
like to educate the world about FIRMSconsulting!
How can I apply?

Fantastic. We always prefer when past members apply.

Please know that due to a large volume of applications, we only reply to those who are a fit for the program.